Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Weekend Review 2nd -4th November 2012

Hi there  London City peeps... How  ya doing? I know, and  I'm sorry the blog is a bit late, we have just had so much going on in  London City the past few days , all the new attractions, ( have  you seen them yet ?)  some new staff joining our already fabulous team, welcome to them  :)

So, did ya see it? Did ya ? Totally sold out as in Full to the brim sim, and on his first time in London City ...Rod Stewart played to the masses.... people arrived early ready to get a good place to see him.

Every man and his dog was there to see Rod in his tight leopard skins..... and the event for the evening was best in animal print to make Rod feel at home, what a hoot. Rod said "it was the highlight of his career" he's so funny we all love a bit of  Rod.... ahem ...

Everyone  sang along to such hits as  "You Wear it Well" , "In My Heart (in my soul)" and "Some Guys Have All The Luck" not only that he came back for an encore ( we really couldn't get enough of  him) that's when he sang the iconic "Do You Think I'm Sexy" the crowd roared and cheered, it was a total blast .... no wonder London City is the top destination in Second  Life..... We are Totally Unparalleled, week in and out we bring you the best entertainment found  on the grid... FACT!
Everyone  looked so great, finding a winner is so difficult, sometimes I wish I could vote for everyone.

TGIF.... roll in from work, get ya comfies  on, pour a drink, and  log into SL ready to join us  in London City,

here you will find Roy and his team waiting to entertain you @ Substation... fun chat and great retro music.

Then we hot-foot it over to Bar Soho, one of our trendy bars, just like  RL Soho in  London. Bar Soho has a different Dj Host combination every night keeping everything fresh, playing music from different Genre, from Hip-Hop to Techno, Pop to Trance  there is always something for everyone.

Then we make a mad dash to Madame  Lala's, based on the Real life  Madame  Jojo's  in Soho, Lala's is a must for anyone who loves  good banter and sharp wit, provided by our own  Dj Fierce, and yours truly as host.

Friday nights at Lala's are a great laugh all round.

Meanwhile  in our Adult sim, Victoria, The crown is hosting a saucy Adult themed event for people who like their fun  .....a little steamy  ooo lala :P

Straight after the concert in Regents park, we dash across  to Victoria, in our Adault sim
to Juiced, a singles club, with a twist... everyday Juiced brings you themed events, but also changes  it's décor to enhance the event, with the music themed too, it really is something else, this Saturday we saw "Best in Roller Disco" OMG.... fluorescents, big hair, and skates = fun with a capital F.

Sunday we head back to Lala's where we find the club manager Bailey spinning some easy listening tunes for the Sunday smooth, the civilised way to start your Sunday and wet your apatite for more fun in London City later on.

We head back to Substaion for more retro tunes and a good chin wag with friends.

Then back to Juiced for another themed evening....this week was best in chef  / cook.

That's it from me, I'll see you through the week for more fun and frolics  in London in Second  Life. xxx

Roving  Reporter  Ruby xxx

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