Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Regent's Park Makes Destination Guide!

We are fortunate yet again to be included in Second Life's Destination Guuide. This time it's Regent's Park and we are featured in the Winter Activities Destinations.

Regent's Park is playing host to the 2010 Winter Fest, filled with fun activities such as the sleigh ride, snowball fights, ice skating and so much more! We have tons of free holiday goodies in the ginger bread house and a naughty snowman you just have to see!

Click Here to Visit Regent's Park in Second Life

Monday, November 29, 2010

Regent's Park Christmas Tree Farm

Regent's Park, located in Mainland London, celebrates the Holiday Season with a FREE Christmas Tree for everyone! Just visit the Regent's Park Christmas Tree Farm and choose from one of 12 decorated Christmas Trees! Can't decide? No need to, these trees are FREE so you can have a different one as often as you like!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter in Regent's Park

by Zachary Zufreur

Are you ready for something grand, white, and fun?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

In the spirit of holidays, Mainland London brings the beauty of winter to Regents Park!
If you haven’t seen it, you are in for a treat!

Amidst the white grandeur, is a sophisticated and carefully crafted Winter Fest!

What’s exciting?
1. The breathtaking snow landscape
2. The gorgeous night view!
3. Free Skates - Grab you free pair of skates as you explore the area.
4. Free Tour - Hop on the sleigh as it gives u a free tour of London Soho and Regents park!!!
5. FREE Candy! don’t forget to drop by the candy store to get your freebies. =D

So come on down now and check it out!

Zachary Zufreur

The writer is the Art Director of SACHI Luxury Group - SACHI Luxury Photos, London SOHO, Regents Park.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nelson's Column

We are pleased to announce that Nelson's Column has arrived in West End! This bespoke recreation of the column was completed by builder Billy Arentire over a 24 hour period spanning 19-20 November 2010.

Click Here to visit Nelson's Column in London's West End

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to The Regent's Park

In real life The Regent's Park covers 410 acres and includes stunning rose gardens. It is one of the Royal Parks of London and is in the north-western part of central London. It contains Regent's College and the London Zoo. The park has an outer ring road called the Outer Circle (4.3 km) and an inner ring road called the Inner Circle, which surrounds the most carefully tended section of the park, Queen Mary's Gardens.

In Mainland London we have captured the feeling of The Regent's Park and included some of its key features such as Queen Mary's Garden. Our greens keepers tell us that the roses in the garden will be tended every day and will last well into the winter months.

The New User Experience is located along the main edge of Regents Park and contains additional information new players will need in order to learn the more detailed aspects of viewer 2. This valuable information will help integrate them into the Second Life community, and Mainland London in particular.

Two new residence stand on "Park Road" and have breath-taking views of the park and canal. Each of these homes has a front and back garden as well as a front facing balcony. Privacy gates face onto the park and the foot bridge that allows access to the entire park.

We also see the return of the London Cows, life sized ornamental statues that once dotted the London landscape can now be found in Regent's Park. A representation of "The Lost Bow" statue is also present nestled amongst the lush landscape.

Shafts of light break through the autumn tress lighting the pathway to a small shopping district where select merchants and designers will be able to display their goods to our growing community.

A visit to Mainland London's Regent's Park is as close as you can get to the real thing, except you don't have to pay for the train ride! To visit The Regents Park, click here.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

West End Construction Continues...

The construction of London's West End continues at a rapid pace. As you can see in the photos below, the Marquise Pub has been finished, except for the interior fittings. We've also begun construction of the London Trocadero which should complete in the next few days.

The basic building layout has been complete and the task of finding the real life buildings continues. These buildings will give the West End the flair our community expects and will enjoy.

Our exclusive London Taxi guided tour system will be installed very soon and visitors will be able to take a guided tour of Soho and the West End. The taxi will make stops along the way so those interested in shopping, clubbing or having a pint at the pub will find them easily and quickly. These exclusive London taxi's were commissioned by Billy Arentire and won't appear anywhere else on the grid. These taxi's are an exact replica of the black cabs found in real life London.