Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free homes for New Residents in London City

Free homes for new residents in London City, starting January 1st.

Happy New Year ~ Stay tuned for details!

London City, where it happens first.

New Years Eve - Your London Weekend and AMY!

Has it really been a week since Christmas and if so, why have you still got half a turkey in the fridge?

Time to gear yourselves up again for another fantastic weekend of booze and song here in London City and a brand new concert: AMY WINEHOUSE on New Years Eve.

Bar Soho and Madame Lala's are both open on Friday evening at regular times, 1 and 2pm SL for pre NYE bashes, then on the big day itself, we move to Regent's Park for The New Years Ball! from 1pm SL (9pm UK)

Win 1000's Lindens for Best in New Years Outfit (whatever you choose) and 250L in the free to enter Raffle.  With Madame Lala DJing for the first hour,  Amy Winehouse in Concert and then DJ Ruby Jones seeing us all through into the New Year!

On New Years Day, we continue in Comptons Pub with a Spring Party!  What else?

Happy New Year from London City!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekend in Review - 23-25 December

Season's greetings from London City and auntie Bailey.  forgive the smell of sprouts permeating this blog posting for the is the Christmas season, after all.

We managed to have a rather sedate and classy Christmas in London City, which just goes to show that miracles do happen!

On Friday we dispensed with the usual Bar Soho and Madame Lala's London Revue combo again and had a Party in the Park instead.  It was something different as it was a brand new tribute concert featuring Demis Roussos and contained a selection of festive favourites along side Demis classics.

The band and Demis (above) and party people (below)
On Christmas Eve we had another crack at the Proms in the Park.  It had proved to be such a hit earlier in the year, but this time it was given a Christmas twist and seemed to be well received by a very merry crowd - I suspected that most of them had already opened the seasonal booze reserves...I know the players on stage had!

The Proms players
Some of the festive party goers
The players take to the fabulous festive stage
 Christmas Day was a quiet day - no events, just people hanging out as and when they could and spreading cheer.  A random prize giver added to Comptons pub was picked bare and I spied a few people having a go at the trivia machine too.

Stay tuned for more news from London City as it happens!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from London City

The staff of London City would like that thank everyone for your support and patronage over the past year.

2011 was an excellent year for us. It saw London City grow from a popular single sim on the Mainland to three sims in a private estate and become the most popular London on the Second Life grid.  Our thanks to everyone for making it what it has become!

A very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to everyone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Your London Christmas Weekend!

Celebrate Christmas here in London City!

On Friday evening the clubs all move to Regent's Park for a huge megaparty with competitions and prizes throughout the night and a special Christmas Concert by the one and only Demis!  Join us from 12pm Noon SL (8pm UK).

On Christmas Eve, Party In The Park continues at the same time with The Christmas Proms at 1pm SL (9pm UK).  Celebrate in style!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Weekend

Billy and I would like to offer sincere thanks to everyone who supports London City making it what it is.  It would be impossible without you!

To our extraordinary, dedicated, loyal and skilled team, we offer our deepest gratitude for all that they do,  for smiling in the face of adversity, for offering encouragement and for some of the most innovative ideas on the grid.   We are so proud of you all and thank you for making it a pleasure to logon to London!

To the merchants who pay for the party, our thanks for your business, your faith in our product and for investing in London City.

And to the visitors who form the London City Community,  thank you for making this place so popular and the best fun we have ever had in SL!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Torric & Billy.

London City has events throughout Christmas, including (but not limited to) the following schedule.

We hope you will join us and enjoy a great Christmas full of entertainment.

Friday 23rd Dec 1pm SL
Demis Roussos Christmas Concert

Christmas Eve 1pm SL
: The London Christmas Proms

Christmas Day 1pm SL
: Party in the Park with 1000L prize for Best Santa

Boxing Day 1pm SL
: Bar Soho and Club Lezbo with Club Dance and Prizes

Holiday Tuesday 1pm SL
: Bar Soho, Club Lezbo, Madame Lala's with Dance and Prizes

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend in Review - 16-18 December

So here we are again, kiddies...another weekend over.  Not many left in 2011 - time flies when you are having fun (and also when you are dancing on stage in a white outfit and afro...more on this shortly).

This is the point in my reviews when I say we did the usual Bar Soho and Madame Lala's London Revue stuff on Friday to start the weekend off.  Only one problem.  We didn't!  Last week we had the Bar Soho roadshow in the park outside Comptons pub...stage, dancefloor, lighting, the whole works.  To further confuse everyone, on Friday the Bar Soho event collided with Madame Lala's campfest to form one big mashup - with music ranging from camp, cheesy pop to hard dance.  A totally bizarre experiment in musical mayhem, but hugely enjoyable - even for the elderly (like me)!

Saturday provided another unique experience as Gallery Xue provided us with a Natatorium in the water out back of Comptons.  With everyone in the water floating on their backs as a series of visual effects taking place, it proved to be something totally different to anything we have seen before and was hugely popular.

Later on Saturday, the party hordes descended on Regent's Park once more for an overdose of classic camp pop with our tribute to Boney M.  It proved to be a great success as always.

At Comptons on Sunday we had a festive knees up, as this was the last party in Comptons for 2011.

On Friday, the Bar Soho and Madame Lala's London Revue experience crashes together once more in Regent's Park with a special festive celebration featuring Demis Roussos.  Saturday sees the Christmas Proms take to the stage for a Christmas Eve that is sure to prove unforgettable (hopefully for all the right reasons!)

As this is my last Weekend in Review before Christmas, I would like to wish everyone involved in London City in any way a very Merry Christmas - whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with spread a little joy and be open to receiving some back.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from London City
London City in Second Life, Original Ideas by Original People.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Party in The Park: BONEY M Concert

From 10am SL (6pm UK), well see you at Comptons for the Natatorium Exhibition

Then join us at 12pm SL (8pm UK) for the BONEY M Christmas Concert, from our new Strictly Dance Set. A great night out with fantastic music and prizes as we go into the Christmas Week.
The competition tonight is Best In Festive!

London City.  Where it happens first.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saturday Concert and Special Event

We have a great treat here for everyone this coming Saturday in London City, the Natatorium is coming to Comptons Pub at 10am SL (6pm UK) and then there will be a concert by Boney M in Regent's Park at 12pm SL (8pm UK).

The Natatorium is a living exhibition of art and is courtesy of Vaneeesa Blaylock and Gallery Xue of London and will both relax your spirit and uplift your soul.

The location is at the waters edge in Comptons, 10am SL on Saturday

At 12pm SL (8pm UK) Join us in Regent's Park for the second of our Christmas Season Concerts with megaband, BONEY M on stage at 1pm SL.

Surnames To Return

Whilst we listen to rumours, we don't often publish them... but here's something that is truly worthy of a mention and from the horses mouth.

Surnames are coming back to Second Life by January!

This means we won't need to see terrible account names with masses of numbers after them, just because the persons name is Bob!

Rodvik says,  "We are trying to figure out how to do it in a way which would be excellent, rather than just ok.  We want it intuitive with extra features.  Hopefully we will roll out what we are thinking of, early January.  Identity is very important so as we touch it, we need to make sure we are adding something great". 

This immediately throws open the questions:
Will residents with unfortunate account names be able to change them?   
What is the future of display names?

Just have to wait and see I guess.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in Review - -11 December

Hello kiddies, auntie Bailey here with the usual weekend roundup and what a weekend it was!  Christmas is definitely well underway in London City.

Things got off to a smooth start at World's End pub in the West End, with the amazing Joaquin Gustav and his guitar coming to us all the way from South America.  He played a selection of cool tunes, including some Christmas favourites given the Joaquin Gustav twist.

World's End pub
Joaquin Gustav in festive mood
Straight after World's End, we had Best in Tattoos at Bar Soho with DJ Billy Arentire, before a mad dash down the street to Madame Lala's London Revue with DJ Torric Rodas for camp Christmas!

Camp Christmas at Madame Lala's
On Saturday we had the return of Elton John to Regent's Park for the weekend tribute concert and Best in Festive Outfit.  Elton seemed to go down well with the crowd, even when he hurled himself from the stage and proceeded to circulate among the audience.

Festive audience in the park
On stage: Elton John and the Eltonettes
On Sunday I heard a commotion outside Comptons pub.  Investigation showed it was the launch of a new movie co-starring London City's very own Evie Falconer 'Griefbusters'.  Alas I was not able to get close enough to the stars for a clear shot as they were surrounded by paparazzi.

'Griefbusters' get papped outside Comptons
Later on Sunday, Comptons saw more activity with Best in Christmas Hat.  There was a great atmosphere and I for one felt proud to be associated with London City.

Revellers at Comptons
The awesome DJ Ruby Jones rounded off the weekend's musical entertainment with Best in Black at Lezbo.

Back to Black
Next week we are talking Bar Soho out in to the park for a week of outside broadcasts!  The concert in the park on Saturday is...Boney M!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Griefbusters the movie

We are absolutely thrilled and honoured that London City/Mainland London is so prominently featured in the new movie by Bunky Snowbear.

"GRIEFBUSTERS", was six months in the making and tells the story of how two people make a difference in SL after acquiring super human powers to overthrow the evil griefers going around the grid making people cry.

The stunning visuals, hilarious comedy and large amount of cast included in this film are the trademark of Bunky and are bound to ensure its success.

Enjoy the movie!

Griefbusters from Cinema Minima on Vimeo.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Your London Weekend Starts Here!

Mapoo Little LIVE on Saturday 1pm.
Does it seem like it's always winter and never Christmas?

Well good news, the Christmas Season in London City starts now!

Tonight, its Best In Tattoo's in Bar Soho from 1pm (9pm UK) and Best in Camp Christmas at Madame Lala's (what else?) 2pm (thats 10pm UK). 

As always, we offer modest but genuine cash prizes, to be won by real people, not bots!

On Saturday, join us at 12pm SL (8pm, UK) for Party in The Park, with the fabulous Mapoo Little Christmas Concert LIVE at 1pm (9pm, UK) with Prize for "Best in Festive."

Join us!

Setting the pace for London in Second Life.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas Concerts at London City

Saturday 10th December, Mapoo Little is here singing LIVE at 1pm SL.
Saturday 17th December, The Boney M Christmas Concert at 1pm SL
Friday 23rd December, Demis Roussos at Christmas at 1pm SL
Christmas Eve, The Christmas Proms from 2.30pm SL seeing us into Christmas.

During the run up to Christmas and throughout the festivities, London City will have regular entertainment in all five of its clubs, Bar Soho, Comptons, Worlds End, Lezbo and Madame Lala's. 

Keep it London City this Christmas!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Weekend in Review - 2-4 December

Auntie Bailey here with the review of another fun packed weekend in London City.  On Friday we kicked off the weekend at three of the London City venues.  At World's End pub, we had live guitarist Joaquin Gustav to help soothe our weekday woes.

Live music at World's End pub
This was followed at Bar Soho with DJ Billy and a Best in Gothic contest that saw the audience unleash their darker side before we went to the other end of the scale at Madame Lala's London Revue with a touch of camp and a Best in Glam contest.  Once spinmeister Tor was done with the campness, the lovely Miss Ruby took over and treated us to some banging tunes to round the night off in fine style.

On Saturday we were paid another visit by Helvis Xue who crooned and rocked our socks off by turns in his fabulous tribute to Elvis.

Helvis lives!
The rabble!
While the party continued in Regent's Park, and featured a raffle for L$s, Ruby flung open the doors of Lezbo for a Best in Casual contest.

Partying the night away at Lezbo
Sunday at Comptons provided the perfect way to wind up the weekend with a Best in Lush contest, which had three very worthy winners!

Lots of lushes!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Transport for London - The Tube

Our first tube station, Regent's Park is open for business.
Although currently on strike, the trains are due to start running very soon, connecting all regions of London City.

You can visit Regent's Park statio here.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Elvis is Back - Performing LIVE on Saturday

Back by popular demand, Helvis Xue is performing a Christmas Concert at 1pm (9pm UK) on Saturday in Regent's Park.

Helvis is a LIVE tribute to Elvis, singing many of the most famous Elvis songs and some of his own.  You can request any Elvis song you like during the event.

There is a pre-concert Party at 12pm.  Helvis is an extremely popular event, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Don't forget that all five the London City clubs are open throughout the weekend with a mixture of music and events to suit all tastes!  Visit Bar Soho, World's End Pub, Comptons, London Lezbo and Madame Lala's!

London City ~ London by Londoners

London City Freeze Fest

London City Freeze Fest is now a Featured Second Life Destination.

London City's Freeze Fest

Enjoy the holiday season at London City's month-long Freeze Fest, held through Dec. 31. Enjoy weekly live concerts, meet Father Christmas and have your photo taken at Santaland. Don't forget to check out the sleigh rides and Christmas activities.
Visit in Second Life

Have your photo taken with Father Christmas

Ride the train

Wating for Father Christmas

Ive been a very good girl this year

Santaland in London City's Regents Park

Thursday, December 01, 2011

COX Leather

COX Leather shop in London City
Jed Sparta and Stan Storno
Looking for something a little different? Want to show off your masculine physique? Then look no further than COX Leather located in the heart of the London City shopping district.

Stan Storno and Jed Sparta, owners and creators of COX Leather, have created some of the best leather gear for men that I've seen in Second Life. Wrap yourself in the feel of sensual leather goods including a large range of chaps and leather trousers. Biker and Bomber jackets plus tank tops, jock straps and accessories help complete the range. Most, if not all, of the clothing available at COX Leather comes complete with sculpty bits to add a real 3 dimentional flair to your look.

I caught up with Stan and Jed to ask about Cox Leather and this is what they had to say:

'We started COX Leather in mid 2010.  Since then the business has grown to over 30 stores throughout SL, with a range that includes leatherwear, tanks, denim, underwear and accessories. I had always found it difficult to find quality leatherwear in SL.  I started making clothes for myself, then giving them to friends. The whole idea behind COX Leather is to design clothes that are very high quality, but also different to those available from other labels.  Everything is designed to make the wearer look HOT haha!' said Stan.

Jed added 'There was a lack of quality clothes in SL that would fit a muscular bodyshape – both of us are big guys, but a lot of clothes in SL are designed for smaller bodies.'

Fire Pants in Leather
I started to wonder what inspired the pair to create these excellent works of art. Stan said 'My man and business partner Jed has always been my inspiration.  He’s the first judge of what I design - if Jed likes it, chances are it will be a best seller. We both work in fashion in real life: I am an art director and stylist, and Jed works in fashion marketing.  So between us we always have lots of fresh ideas.'

'Hahaha, I’m blushing!  Stan’s being modest, the reason COX has been so successful is down to his design talent.  Stan is very good at taking a basic garment such as a pair of jeans or a tank, and giving the design a clever, cheeky twist.  That is the hallmark of COX clothes.'

Cowboy Tank Top
So with all the time and effort that goes into Cox Leather I started to wonder if the boys had any play time. Stand and Jed assured me that 'Apart from creating clothes, I love to build, so I am always adding to COX City and our club The Hole.  I also love exploring SL – there are so many creative and talented people in SL, and beautiful places to visit.  It’s always inspiring to see what other people have created. And of course we love to party – it’s always great to go to a club and see people wearing your designs!'

The pairs hard work and dedication is apparent so pop into COX Leather in London City and check out this amazing designing duo and their range of hot leather wear.