Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in Review - -11 December

Hello kiddies, auntie Bailey here with the usual weekend roundup and what a weekend it was!  Christmas is definitely well underway in London City.

Things got off to a smooth start at World's End pub in the West End, with the amazing Joaquin Gustav and his guitar coming to us all the way from South America.  He played a selection of cool tunes, including some Christmas favourites given the Joaquin Gustav twist.

World's End pub
Joaquin Gustav in festive mood
Straight after World's End, we had Best in Tattoos at Bar Soho with DJ Billy Arentire, before a mad dash down the street to Madame Lala's London Revue with DJ Torric Rodas for camp Christmas!

Camp Christmas at Madame Lala's
On Saturday we had the return of Elton John to Regent's Park for the weekend tribute concert and Best in Festive Outfit.  Elton seemed to go down well with the crowd, even when he hurled himself from the stage and proceeded to circulate among the audience.

Festive audience in the park
On stage: Elton John and the Eltonettes
On Sunday I heard a commotion outside Comptons pub.  Investigation showed it was the launch of a new movie co-starring London City's very own Evie Falconer 'Griefbusters'.  Alas I was not able to get close enough to the stars for a clear shot as they were surrounded by paparazzi.

'Griefbusters' get papped outside Comptons
Later on Sunday, Comptons saw more activity with Best in Christmas Hat.  There was a great atmosphere and I for one felt proud to be associated with London City.

Revellers at Comptons
The awesome DJ Ruby Jones rounded off the weekend's musical entertainment with Best in Black at Lezbo.

Back to Black
Next week we are talking Bar Soho out in to the park for a week of outside broadcasts!  The concert in the park on Saturday is...Boney M!


  1. Looks like a great place. I tried to visit, but as soon as I arrived someone approached me asking me to change my tag. As I am completely new to secondlife, it was taking me a few seconds to figure out how to. I guess a split second is all I got after the rude warning. I have been banned from London.
    I can see now the complete lack of hospitality I am to meet there.

  2. Hello SouthernGothic,

    We're sorry you had an unpleasant experience when you visited London City.

    Places that aren't doing so well, sometimes target new members and add them to their own groups as they did in your case.

    When we see this group name over and over again, we ask people to change their group and we always explain why.

    Funnily enough we remember you clearly and we IM'd you and offered you another of our groups four times, in case you did not know how to change tags, but you never responded, nor did you accept the group offer, you just TP'd out.

    Since you took the time to locate this blog and comment on it, it is a shame that you didn't contact us in-world to ask about this, as it could have been sorted out in an instant.

    Of course you are welcome in London City and of course as a business we will continue to protect our interests and visitors.

    kind regards

    Torric Rodas