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"London City is committed to helping new residents enjoy the best initial experience of Second Life".

The main focus for Support is the Tutorial area in the London City Gateway region, welcoming and helping new residents to use the tutorial. Also, offering some additional help in London City main region.

We recruit from those who visit London City and get involved with its community.  It works best for all concerned, when a familiar face joins the Support Team.

Our team is connected with each other via a chat-app, so they can quickly find out information and resources, from other team members when helping residents.

We encourage our existing Support Team to recognise emerging talent. You might like to reach out to one of our team to register your interest,  or to ask them about what is involved.

Note: We do not recruit active members of Bloodlines and other Vampire Role-play games.

London City is an Official Linden Lab: Community Gateway and you should familiarize yourself with this program: see https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2179-open-the-gate-the-community-gateway-program-that-is/

SUPPORT is first and foremost a HELPING ROLE. This is not an Admin role.  You will not get any special powers and you will not be involved in Governance beyond reporting issues to our Admin officers and filing Abuse Reports.

Although the role of Support is unpaid/voluntary, members of the team may choose to host at paid events in London City, such as bars and clubs by hosting or DJing, or being part of the London City Players Band (guaranteed minimum of 300L per 1 hour show).  Those putting in 8 hours or more a week qualify for a 50% discount on Residential land parcels in the estate.

AGE:  You need to be at least 2 months old.

HOURS: Flexible, with a commitment of not less than two hours, three times per week.

PROSPECTS:   Every member of this team begins in Support.  Our region managers, club hosts, club managers, administrators, performers etc, all begin as Support staff.   We do not guarantee that by joining Support,  you will automatically go on to other duties, but the Support role is the central talent reservoir that leads to other projects and jobs within the estate.

ROLE:  The role of 'Support' is to be a trusted source of information and to help new residents learn fundamental skills. You must be friendly, approachable and stable.

We do not spoon-feed new residents by passing inventory or landmarks.  We teach users how to use the 'Search' feature, as this is key to getting around in-world.

We ask that altercations be addressed in IM where possible.  This can give the impression to the bar-flies that nothing is being done, because they are not witnessing any public chat, but that is why you are Support and they are not.  We try not to do the laundry in public.

However, unless you are dealing with a personal issue, we like Support Agents to help in Local Chat instead of IM whenever practically possible.  This serves two purposes.  Firstly it helps other new users who are very likely to be experiencing the same problem or issues, and secondly it gives others an opportunity to witness the quality and accuracy of the assistance being given.

ENCOURAGE: Exploration of London City.  We have many sights to see, areas to explore and stores to shop in.   Never send new residents straight to the market place.  It is important that they learn how to use the search function in-world.  Whilst Market Place is a great resource, it is also the primary reason for the lack of  shopping regions in Second Life at the moment.   A good team member will know the products on sale and be able to recommend stores to people.   You will need to know the estate yourself, in order to recommend activities here.  So please set aside some time yourself and explore!

RETENTION:  If you are showing a new resident how to use search, please ensure they have first created a landmark for London City, so they can return.  Please make them aware of themed events, club times and concerts, so they know when to expect interaction with other users in a party environment.  The London City blog is the best place to find such information.


We strive to make London City, the best initial experience for all new users.

We hope our Support Team will offer friendly interaction during this all important first visit to Second Life.  Friendliness is much more important than any other quality!   Besides, if you don't know how to do something yourself, you can ask other members of our team for assistance via our private help portal.

For this role, you need to be immensely patient, fun, friendly, spontaneous, level-headed and to be able to juggle these skills and competencies to impart vital information.

If you are someone who enjoys helping others and you possess a sense of humour, which allows you to smile at irony and not be wound up by the classroom clown, then this is the role for you!

As Support you will be friendly and approachable at all times.  If you are not feeling friendly or you have had a stressful day, please do not Support for that day.

You are usually one of the first people a new resident will meet.  It is essential that you make a good impression.

Although you will advise others about Terms of Service (TOS), Community Standards (CS) and the London City covenant, you are not here as an enforcement officer.  For Governance problems, you will contact a member of our Admin team.

When you encounter flagrant or disruptive abuse, you will file an Abuse Report and use the chat application to let your team members know what has transpired.  An Admin will handle any ban that needs to be issued.  GRIEFING should never just be ignored.  We have a duty of care to our Residents.


The role of Support really is very rewarding and you get to meet so many people.  Many of whom will return later and thank you for the help you gave them.  Everyone remembers a good teacher!  What is more, is you get to be part of one of the greatest teams you will ever encounter.   

Your new adventure starts here...

Please help us to make a difference..

8< ------  APPLICATION  8< ------
Please clip out this section out and return it to Torric Rodas as a note card in-world.  Please name it:  Support Application and add your name

Do not leave any questions blank. Mark as Not Applicable, if this is the case.

(1)  SL Account Name:
(please ensure this is your user name not your display name)

(2)  SL Age in days:

(3)  Country of Residence:

(4)  Languages you speak:

(5)  Are you able to help for a minimum of 2 hours, three times a week?

(6)  We're flexible, but its handy to know... Days of week you are most likely to be available:

(7)  Flexible, but handy to know.. Approximate time of day you are usually able to help (please use SLT):

(8) For how long have you been visiting London City?  And bearing in mind we recruit "familiar faces", would you consider yourself to be known by our visitors and staff? :      

(9)  This is your chance to say why you are suited for this role and why do you want to be London City  Support staff:

(10) Disclosure:  If you work at clubs, info hubs, other regions etc, this does not preclude you from volunteering at London City.  Please tell us about the other places or potential conflicts of interest that we should know about?

(11) Are you willing to install Discord on your computer AND keep up to date with staff channels?

(12) Have you read and understood the London City Covenant, Terms of Service, Community Standards and how to file an Abuse report?

(13) If you have a preference to initially work with a specific experienced team member, please say who that person is:

(14) Initially, I will commit to a 30 days trial period, where either party can review my suitability.

(15) I understand that this is a HELP role, not a policing/governance role:

I am aware that this voluntary role can be quite intensive, and although it is not paid, I will treat the role with respect and do my best to help new residents in accordance with the policies in place in London City.   Do you agree?  _____

Please sign this with your account (legacy) name and date it here:

8< ------------------------------------------- 8< -------------------------------------------

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