Sunday, September 30, 2012

New for October in London City

In August we began to extensively rebuild entire areas, update textures and add new content to the Victoria region.  Apart from a little bit of tweaking, the building work is now completed.

All buildings in London City are bespoke and built by us.  Unlike many other places that just rez buildings out of a box, we pride ourselves in taking care to capture the true spirit of London in Second Life and to build our own unique content instead of buying what is readily available to everyone on Marketplace.

During the week we completed The Crown Pub and Keyhole Cinema.  And on Saturday, the brand new Adult Hub was lowered into position.

We have added a lot of the content suggested by visitors, added optional windlight setting areas, animated seating and poses and fully interactive surprise elements to the region.

This new design gives much better flow and an enriched experience for all the facilities and stores on-sim and we hope that you will enjoy visiting London City 3.


Cinema showing films 24 hours a day  in a cosy environment, with posed seating.    

The Crown pub is a venue for open minded adults, wishing to hookup with others for  no-strings fun.  Also contains Adult Freebie area, posed seating and animations.

London City3 Adult Hub in the centre of the region.  Come and meet other over 18's and explore a wide range of services and facilities.

The most grizzly show on earth.
A thousand years of horrible history, Jack The Ripper, The Black Plague, Sweeny Todd and the gruesome and graphic torture chambers of old London City. Regular new attractions and parties in this sinister surrounding.

London City - We are the Joneses.

What Do You See? (Results)

During the week we asked you about your viewer environment settings in London City.

Thanks for taking part. This information is useful to us for textures and building content and allows us to plan then for optimum effect.

161 people voted, and here are the results:

Override - You set Day/Night yourself:  (61) 38%

Region Default - LL's Day/Nigh Cycle (32) 21%  *34%

Region Windlight - Suggested setting when you land (20) 12%

Own Windlight - Your own windlight (27) 17%

Don't Know - Assumed to be Region Default (21) 13%  *34%

Whilst only sampling a small amount of unique visitors to London City, this straw poll shows that currently about a quarter of visitors use Windlight settings.  The majority of visitors prefer to override settings to create their own suitable ambience. The remainder electing to accept the region default.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Adele in Concert, 1pm Saturday

Join us for The Best Disco in Town this week and enjoy Adele in Concert in Regent's Park.
Party starts at 12pm SL, and the Concert is at 1pm SL.

Adele is a British singer, songwriter and musician who shot to fame in 2009 with 19, her debut album. The success of this was quickly surpassed with her follow up album, 21, which earned her six grammy awards and Album of The Year.

Win at least 500L for "Best in Mesh" and join the party here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spotlight On Style:Snowpaws

Hello and welcome to a new addition to the London City blog.  For anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Bailey and I am manager and DJ in a couple of London City venues.  Starting this week I will be wandering the shops in London City and checking out the wares available.

My first 'Spotlight On Style' is shone on Snowpaws.  Owned by Carrie Snowpaw, the name Snowpaws is synonymous with glamour and her dresses are instantly recognisable.  Gowns are affordably priced and feature layers and detailing that create an impact.

Snowpaws Radieux gown in ruby with insets showing detailing at the chest and waist.
The gown is shown in ruby and comes with optional flower detailing at on the bodice and at the waist.  The gown itself is made up of a bodice with skirt and prim skirt attachments in a diaphanous fabric to give volume and impact.

Check out Snowpaws in London City here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekend Review 21st - 23rd September 2012

Hey, Hey , Hey, how are you doing today ? I hope your week is off to a good start, mine is , I get to tell you all about the fantastic weekend we all had in London City.... Rated Number 1 in Second Life Destinations..


So lets get this ball rolling ....

Friday 21st September

So what to do first? You have logged in, so where to? Substation!! that's where! Yes head on over to sim one, towards the New User Experience (this is a great place for new residents to pick up handy tips and help them get around SL quicker without making rookie mistakes... and we all made them when we first started ( me especially  :P )) then straight to Substation, Meet Roy and his team as they entertain you with golden oldie hits and fun friendly banter, there's always a giggle to be had there and don't  forget Lindens to be won in their "best in" Events, in fact the Whole of London is crammed full of events where you can win lindens.

Bar Soho

After we all race across sim to Bar Soho, prestigious and swanky, Bar Soho is the place to see and be seen, mimicking real  life Soho, This club plays the hottest sounds around from all kinds of genre with a different DJ Host combination every night keeping the atmosphere fresh and alive

Party time 

Dj Fierce and I 

I hope you aren't partied out yet.... the night is still young... we hot foot it down the road to Madame Lalas, again based on the real life Madame Jojos, Lalas is hosted by yours truly and Dj Fierce spins the tunes, if you like fun banter and sharp Witt this is the perfect place for you ! this weekend was best in Bling, and boy were you sparkly :)

Saturday 22nd September 2012

Every week in London City, Saturday is always that little bit more special..... we host a Live concert in Regents Park, some times we have awesome groups like Queen, Bon  Jovi, Abba, some times we have soloists like Amy MacDonald, Dolly Parton, and Elton  John, other times we have singers famous in SL that sing LIVE and interact with the audience.

Karen Carpenter

This weekend was no exception , The Carpenters came to London City and performed to a packed sim of partying people.
The Carpenters , Karen and Richard were a brother and sister vocal and instrumental duo in the 70's, and were one of the best selling artists of all time.
Party people
That didn't stop us celebrating their music and singing along to their hits like "Calling Occupants" , "Please Mr Postman" "A Kind  Of  Hush" and many many more.

The Carpenters in concert 

Best in Hair 

The party night continues as we dash across in to Sim 3Adult, to Juiced.
Gypsy night 

Salon  Juiced 

Everyone looking fabulous 

 Everyone is so friendly and they really get on board with all the themed events, which are a little off the wall to say the least, but we all enjoy it.

Juiced is a great themed singles club for Adults
A new night, a new event, a new décor

Sunday 23rd September 2012


So, today, sleep in have a rest, emerge around lunch time, and head back  to Lala's, where  Bailey will be waiting for you, for the Sunday smooth, easy listening tunes perfect Sunday music.


Then later we head back  to Roy at Substation, and all the hits of yesteryear, we can sing along and have a great night.

Then back to sim 3 Adult ,and  back to Juiced to bring the weekend to a close.

ST. Trinians night 
The naughty kids 

Whoa what a wicked weekend, all 3 sims packed full of people either hanging out, partying or shopping, oh did I tell you we have a huge selection of shops in London City, all selling top quality merchandise to suit any pocket, from our freebie store, to trendy fashions, and home furnishings you name it we have it.

So, that's it from me for yet another week, I will see you here next time if I don't see you before, in the best sim in Second Life. Take

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Carpenters in Concert, Saturday 1pm

The Carpenters were an American vocal and instrumental duo. They were the worlds biggest selling group of the 1970's. 

Although only mainly active for that single decade, by the time of Karen's death in 1983 aged just 33, ten of their singles become million-sellers and by the millenium over 100 million albums had been sold.

Join us for The Best Disco in Town this weekend with a brand new show, The Carpenters in Concert.

Party starts at 12pm SL (8pm UK) and The Carpenters in Concert begins at 1pm SL.

Win at least 500L for "Best in Disco"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Do You See?

We're currently conducting a straw poll about the enviroment settings you use when you visit London City.

When building a club, bar, community area etc, it is really useful to know how you will see it. 

It helps us to know how to create and apply a texture, the filters needed and the lighting and shadow elements required for the desired optimum effect.

To help us better understand the visual ambience you prefer, we would very much like to know how you view the estate.

Please visit the Voting Booth in-world at Regent's Park.  It collects no information other than the button you click.  Visit it here: and choose an option:

Override - If you force your viewer to midday or midnight pending on what you prefer at the time.

Region Default - Do you just go with whatever settings are in effect when you logon?  This is Region Default and gives you a night and day cycle four times a day.

Region Windlight - Not used that often, but sometimes when a special lighting ambience is created, your viewer will ask you if you wish to use the parcel windlight settings.  Vote this option if you use or  would use settings if they were suggested.

Own Windlight - From the settings panel, do you pick themes such as Foggy Day?

Don't Know - Click this if you don't know, chances are you use Region Default.

Thank you very much for helping us to enrich the London City Experience.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Weekend Review 14th - 16th September 2012

Hey there London City people, how you all doing ? I know the Blog is a bit  late.... I've needed time to recover from the jam packed weekend.... seriously... you were there, you know how much we crammed in to 3 days... I think I need a holiday in the Bahamas ( waits for offers...)
Right so lets get down to the nitty gritty for anyone ( which wont be many ) who missed the weekend jollies...

Friday 14th September 2012

It's Friday night, you you know how to do it right!! Yes we headed down to Substation to start our weekend of with Roy and team. Substation is a great place to meet your friends and get into the party mood for the rest of the weekend. Great hosts and Dj's plus "Best in " events for a chance to win Linden dollars, you'd have to be barking to miss this night out on the town.

Bar Soho
And you know the fun doesn't stop there!...  So all aboard the party bus as we hot-foot it over to the other side of sim1 and head to Bar Soho.
If you like all kinds of music from different genre, like good fun banter and the chance to win Linden  dollars, this is the perfect place for you, always a friendly face and fun to be had here, teamed with swanky surroundings Bar Soho is always busy with people having fun.

Dj Fierce 

Dj Fierce, Madame  Lala and Me  :)

Party people in  Lala's 

But wait.... Friday night means yet another club to carry on your weekend vibe,  oh yes!! next we head on to Madame Lala's where Dj Fierce and I are waiting for you, to take you right into the early hours of Saturday  Morning. This week we saw Best in  Glamorous.

Saturday 15th September 2012

The Bothers  Gibb
This month London City is a Second  Life editors pick for our Disco Spectacular concerts, we are celebrating the Disco culture and everything that made this genre great, so who better to start the celebrations off with than the brothers Gibb, that's right the ever popular BeeGees were in town, in Regents Park to be more precise, where every week we hold fantastic open air concerts that are free to all residents to come and watch and have a thoroughly great time.

Maurice, Barry and Robin

There BeeGees were founded in 1958, born in the Isle of man, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice. The trio sang tight musical harmonies that are instantly recognisable. In the early years Robins clear vibrato took the lead singing, while through the 70's and 80's  it was Barry's  R&B falsetto which became their signature sound. The brothers wrote all their own hits plus lots more for other artists.

Party time 

BeeGees night 

Masses of people turned up for this event, with P-A-R-T-Y on their mind all dressed in a Saturday Night Fever theme ready to win huge amounts  of Linden Dollars. Singing along to the fantastic Beegees hits like, "How Deep Is Your Love", "Staying Alive", "Night Fever" "Tragedy" and many, many more.
party people 

Straight after the concert we zoom across sims to Victoria, sim3 Adult, to Juiced.

Workin at the Car Wash 
"you missed a bit  :P"

Car Wash night 

Juiced is an Adult themed club, a new night, a new theme, a new décor. This weekend we had a real hoot carrying on the disco theme, best in Car Wash, here mechanics looked hot, horny and greasy, while bikini babes washed cars, we all had a great time

Sunday 16th September 2012

Woahh, what a night we had last night, Fun, great music, huge amounts of Lindens being won, what we need
now is something to ease us into Sunday, caring for our tender heads and feet, something that understands how hard we partied the night before..... an as luck would have it, the Sunday Smooth hosted and Djed by our own Bailey Saxmundham  is just the ticket. Starting around lunch time, you don't even need to get up early, Bailey understands  ( basically because she partied the hardest lol ) and will start you off feeling great for more partying later.

Kinky Boots

Later we head back to Substation for more hits from the 60's and meet friends before heading back to Juiced for another themed event, Sunday we saw Best in Kinky Boots  ( and not much else ... oo lala) earlier in the week we also had best in Austin Powers, groovy baby , Yeah!
Austin Powers night 

Well that's all from me, and the Most  Popular Destination In Second Life, London City. I hope you enjoyed this fabulous weekend with us, and many more to come.
I'll see you through the week for more fantastic fun and frolics xxx
Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bee Gees 2000 on Saturday

A brand new show for you this Saturday in London City.
The Bee Gee's singing all their Disco hits, from Saturday Night Fever right through to the hits of the early 2000's.

Contest: Best in Saturday Night Fever, win (at least) 500L.

Party Starts 12pm SL (8pm UK) on Saturday
Show begins 1pm SL Prompt!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

London Dungeon

London City invites you to experience a thousand years of horrible history in the London City Dungeons.

Ten mighty crypts, each featuring a page from gruesome British history.

Encounter Jack The Ripper, the Black Plague,  gruesome and graphic torture chambers and Witchcraft practices of old London City.

Built upon and old pagan burial site.  Beware of the undead.  They love to party.

Regular new attractions and parties in this sinister surroundings.

Visit the London Dungeons here, not for the faint hearted!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disco Spectacular is the Editors Pick

This month London City is a Second Life Editors Pick for our Disco Spectacular concerts.

Throughout September, London City celebrates the disco culture featuring the greats who established this ever popular music genre.

This Saturday, join us in Regent's Park for a sensational new compilation of the Brothers Gibb Disco years, from Saturday Night Fever to the early 2000's, with songs the Bee Gee's made famous themselves and others they wrote for the top stars of the time.

Win 500L (or more) for being the Best in Saturday Night Fever themed clothing.

Starts here at 12pm SL time (8pm UK) on Saturday

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Weekend Review 7-9 September 2012

People come up to me and ask, " What makes London City so popular?" or " How come London City is so successful in Second Life?" and my reply is always the same, We have a great Management and Staff team, from Greeters and support staff through to Dj's and Hosts, we have the best, plus 3 fantastic full, working sims,  each has its own entertainment and events, and You, all the Fabulous Residents who visit us daily and take part in the Hustle and Bustle, just like the real London. That's our recipe for success, no magic no cons, Just a truly awesome place that has people returning again again, Making London City the most popular destination in Second Life.
And here's the Weekend Review for those who missed a great weekend with us .  :)

Friday 7th Sepember 2012

 TGIF woohoo the weekend begins right here, we all head to The Substation, to meet friends, have a giggle and catch up on the latest goss, while dancing to funky tunes from yesteryear we all know and love. Substation is fun and quirky and guaranteed start your weekend with a bang.

 Then we head to Bar Soho for dancing  and more socialising, this time the music is more current, with different Genre from Urban, Trance, Hard dance, to chart hits, pop, funk, you name it this club has it making it very popular every night of the week.

Dj Fierce partying, but it was too much for me

 Then to take us into Saturday morning we head to Madame Lala's with Dj Fierce on the decks, and yours truly hosting, Madame Lala's is a cosy friendly club, teamed with sharp Witt and giggles all the way.

At Madame Lala's

Saturday 8th September 2012

In Regents Park

Saturday always see's a fantastic  open air event in Regents Park, with set's especially built for the shows by our own Billy Arentire, people quite literally queue to go to these events, and this week's event was no exception, as in RL London, we played host to The Proms, fabulous music from Puccini, Elgar,Verdi amongst others, this is truly a great concert playing favourites as well as introducing some to the classical Genre, and everyone belting out "Land Of Hope And Glory" 
The  proms
what a hoot, team that with a best in formal event where people could win 500L+ and it all makes for a great night.

Genie night

 Then we head to  Juiced, the best totally themed club in second life,  this week  saw "Best in Pimps and
Hookers" and "The Office Party" plus "tarzan And Jane" and  "Genie night",  with themed surrounds and music to boot, this club is a must for  everyone.
pimps and hookers


Best in office party 

Bailey doing the photocopying ...


Sunday 9th September 2012

We are eased slowly back in to reality by Bailey and her Sunday smooth, playing an array of easy listening tunes, a perfect way to get your Sunday under way.

then we head back to Substation for more Golden Oldies, to get ya toes tapping with Roy and his team.

Tarzan and Jane night 

then back to Juiced to take us through the night to the early hours with a Tarzan and Jane theme   .
So, that's all from me this weekend , 
I will see you through the week for more fun than you can shake a stick at... 
Roving Reporter Ruby