Sunday, September 30, 2012

New for October in London City

In August we began to extensively rebuild entire areas, update textures and add new content to the Victoria region.  Apart from a little bit of tweaking, the building work is now completed.

All buildings in London City are bespoke and built by us.  Unlike many other places that just rez buildings out of a box, we pride ourselves in taking care to capture the true spirit of London in Second Life and to build our own unique content instead of buying what is readily available to everyone on Marketplace.

During the week we completed The Crown Pub and Keyhole Cinema.  And on Saturday, the brand new Adult Hub was lowered into position.

We have added a lot of the content suggested by visitors, added optional windlight setting areas, animated seating and poses and fully interactive surprise elements to the region.

This new design gives much better flow and an enriched experience for all the facilities and stores on-sim and we hope that you will enjoy visiting London City 3.


Cinema showing films 24 hours a day  in a cosy environment, with posed seating.    

The Crown pub is a venue for open minded adults, wishing to hookup with others for  no-strings fun.  Also contains Adult Freebie area, posed seating and animations.

London City3 Adult Hub in the centre of the region.  Come and meet other over 18's and explore a wide range of services and facilities.

The most grizzly show on earth.
A thousand years of horrible history, Jack The Ripper, The Black Plague, Sweeny Todd and the gruesome and graphic torture chambers of old London City. Regular new attractions and parties in this sinister surrounding.

London City - We are the Joneses.

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