Monday, September 03, 2012

The Weekend Review 31st -2nd

Hello London City, how you doing?
If you spent the weekend with us I  bet you are doing great!!, If you didn't, well you only have yourselves to blame.... but luckily for you  Roving Reporter Ruby is  here to cushion the blow and make  your  Monday more cheery, so I'll tell you all about it, grab a coffee and some bickies, and lets get started  :)

Friday 31st August
Soho, The Hub

Woohoo the end of the week, the end of the month and cause for celebration... why ?  because we can :) All set for a fantastic weekend in London City, the top destination in Second Life, most people like to meet their  friends in the hub, catch up on all the gossip then head to Substation, Soho , to kick start their weekend, ready for fun chat and dancing, Roy and his Team are there to ensure you weekend starts with a bang, with good old tunes we all know and fun chat, Substation will start your weekend off right.

next stop Bar Soho
Bar Soho 

Bar Soho is typical of the clubs you find in RL London, swanky and on always on trend, full of the beautiful people, here you can enter "best in" events to win Linden dollars. Club Manager  Bailey is always on hand, to ensure smooth running, with a different Host / Dj combination every night which  brings fresh new sounds everyday of the week, along with fun and friendly chat, if you are looking for a great night out with friends do not miss Bar Soho.

Dj Fierce

Madame  Lala's

Then we head off to Madame Lala's, again based on the  Real Life  London club , Madame  Jojos.
 Lala's is a small friendly club and a must if you like fun and banter. Another chance to win Linden Dollars, with Dj Fierce spinning the eclectic tunes and yours truly as Host, every week brings more fun and giggles than you can shake a stick at. This week the event was "Best in King and Queens".

Saturday  1st September

Regents Park
Today we celebrate Brighton and Hove's Gay Pride, its the 20th annual celebration, where tens of thousands of people take to the street and party. This is one of the biggest LGBT festivals in the world.

Regents Park

Donna Summer & Backing Singers

And to show our support, London City had an open air concert in Regents  Park, with Donna Summer as our headline act.How awesome is that!

People came to party, dressed in Rainbow colours for  a chance to win  Linden Dollars, the atmosphere was electric all waiting for the "Queen of 70's Disco" music. What a blast, everyone singing along to all the hits including "Hot Stuff", "I Feel Love", "MacArthur Park", "No More tears (Enough Is Enough)" and many, many more.

Burlesque  night 


Then we headed straight over to Victoria, London city 3 Adult, to Juiced our themed adult club, this week we saw events like Best in Adam and Eve, Best in Burlesque, and Best in the Village People,

Best in Village People 

 what a giggle, people turning up dressed in Police, Cowboy, Army, Biker, American  Indian and Builder, we had such a fabulous time and everybody looked great!

Sunday 2nd  September

 As always like a saint, Bailey is there to ease us into a great Sunday, playing the Sunday smooth, at Madame Lala's, in a very easy and relaxed Best in come as you are". Playing the best in smooth groves, St Bailey is like a Sunday Oasis, bringing  great tunes and sharp wit.

Later we head back to Roy and Co, at Substation, for more Golden oldies and fun chat.

Then back to Juiced for Heaven V's Hell, to bring the weekend to a close.

That's it from me for another week, I will see you for more fun and frolics in London City,  the top destination in second  life..... FACT!

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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