Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Do You See?

We're currently conducting a straw poll about the enviroment settings you use when you visit London City.

When building a club, bar, community area etc, it is really useful to know how you will see it. 

It helps us to know how to create and apply a texture, the filters needed and the lighting and shadow elements required for the desired optimum effect.

To help us better understand the visual ambience you prefer, we would very much like to know how you view the estate.

Please visit the Voting Booth in-world at Regent's Park.  It collects no information other than the button you click.  Visit it here: and choose an option:

Override - If you force your viewer to midday or midnight pending on what you prefer at the time.

Region Default - Do you just go with whatever settings are in effect when you logon?  This is Region Default and gives you a night and day cycle four times a day.

Region Windlight - Not used that often, but sometimes when a special lighting ambience is created, your viewer will ask you if you wish to use the parcel windlight settings.  Vote this option if you use or  would use settings if they were suggested.

Own Windlight - From the settings panel, do you pick themes such as Foggy Day?

Don't Know - Click this if you don't know, chances are you use Region Default.

Thank you very much for helping us to enrich the London City Experience.

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