Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Weekend Review 14th - 16th September 2012

Hey there London City people, how you all doing ? I know the Blog is a bit  late.... I've needed time to recover from the jam packed weekend.... seriously... you were there, you know how much we crammed in to 3 days... I think I need a holiday in the Bahamas ( waits for offers...)
Right so lets get down to the nitty gritty for anyone ( which wont be many ) who missed the weekend jollies...

Friday 14th September 2012

It's Friday night, you you know how to do it right!! Yes we headed down to Substation to start our weekend of with Roy and team. Substation is a great place to meet your friends and get into the party mood for the rest of the weekend. Great hosts and Dj's plus "Best in " events for a chance to win Linden dollars, you'd have to be barking to miss this night out on the town.

Bar Soho
And you know the fun doesn't stop there!...  So all aboard the party bus as we hot-foot it over to the other side of sim1 and head to Bar Soho.
If you like all kinds of music from different genre, like good fun banter and the chance to win Linden  dollars, this is the perfect place for you, always a friendly face and fun to be had here, teamed with swanky surroundings Bar Soho is always busy with people having fun.

Dj Fierce 

Dj Fierce, Madame  Lala and Me  :)

Party people in  Lala's 

But wait.... Friday night means yet another club to carry on your weekend vibe,  oh yes!! next we head on to Madame Lala's where Dj Fierce and I are waiting for you, to take you right into the early hours of Saturday  Morning. This week we saw Best in  Glamorous.

Saturday 15th September 2012

The Bothers  Gibb
This month London City is a Second  Life editors pick for our Disco Spectacular concerts, we are celebrating the Disco culture and everything that made this genre great, so who better to start the celebrations off with than the brothers Gibb, that's right the ever popular BeeGees were in town, in Regents Park to be more precise, where every week we hold fantastic open air concerts that are free to all residents to come and watch and have a thoroughly great time.

Maurice, Barry and Robin

There BeeGees were founded in 1958, born in the Isle of man, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice. The trio sang tight musical harmonies that are instantly recognisable. In the early years Robins clear vibrato took the lead singing, while through the 70's and 80's  it was Barry's  R&B falsetto which became their signature sound. The brothers wrote all their own hits plus lots more for other artists.

Party time 

BeeGees night 

Masses of people turned up for this event, with P-A-R-T-Y on their mind all dressed in a Saturday Night Fever theme ready to win huge amounts  of Linden Dollars. Singing along to the fantastic Beegees hits like, "How Deep Is Your Love", "Staying Alive", "Night Fever" "Tragedy" and many, many more.
party people 

Straight after the concert we zoom across sims to Victoria, sim3 Adult, to Juiced.

Workin at the Car Wash 
"you missed a bit  :P"

Car Wash night 

Juiced is an Adult themed club, a new night, a new theme, a new décor. This weekend we had a real hoot carrying on the disco theme, best in Car Wash, here mechanics looked hot, horny and greasy, while bikini babes washed cars, we all had a great time

Sunday 16th September 2012

Woahh, what a night we had last night, Fun, great music, huge amounts of Lindens being won, what we need
now is something to ease us into Sunday, caring for our tender heads and feet, something that understands how hard we partied the night before..... an as luck would have it, the Sunday Smooth hosted and Djed by our own Bailey Saxmundham  is just the ticket. Starting around lunch time, you don't even need to get up early, Bailey understands  ( basically because she partied the hardest lol ) and will start you off feeling great for more partying later.

Kinky Boots

Later we head back to Substation for more hits from the 60's and meet friends before heading back to Juiced for another themed event, Sunday we saw Best in Kinky Boots  ( and not much else ... oo lala) earlier in the week we also had best in Austin Powers, groovy baby , Yeah!
Austin Powers night 

Well that's all from me, and the Most  Popular Destination In Second Life, London City. I hope you enjoyed this fabulous weekend with us, and many more to come.
I'll see you through the week for more fantastic fun and frolics xxx
Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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