Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday: ABBA Today

Today from 12 noon PDT join us in Regent's Park for Party in the Park. 
 The Main Event: ABBA On Stage at 2pm PDT.

If yesterday was anything to go by, with 471 visitors throughout the day and both our sims continually full, please come early to make sure you can get in.

Each of our regions can handle 40 avatars TPing in directly, or 45 if you walk across from another sim.
Top Tip: If the region says its full, TP into West End and walk across! :)
Capacity tonight: 85 avatars maximum.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Right Royal Wedding Video

Filmed exclusively in the Mainland London Sims, this Right Royal Wedding featured some of Second Life's most important dignataries...and the common folk as well. Dressed in their finest duds, Wedding guests were treated to a live broadcast of the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple will now officially be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Please have a seat and enjoy the video...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Right Royal Bank Holiday!

Friday: All day party in Regent's Park

Friday: Dolly in Madame Lala's

Saturday: ABBA Concert in Regent's Park

Goodness, have we got a line-up for you this Royal Bank Holiday Weekend!

Head over to Regent's Park in Mainland London for a Bank Holiday you won't forget!

Thursday evening, Bar Soho has a massive Bank Holiday Party to kick off the weekend with DJ and Host Lily.

On Friday, Join us in Regent's Park from 2.30am PDT (10.30am UK) for an incredible day of Celebrations with the Royal Wedding Service carried LIVE, a fun fair, street party, live DJs, disco dance floor and Cash!

Friday from 2pm PDT, DOLLY PARTON is in Concert in Madame Lala's London Revue.

On Saturday,  DJ Rolday and Tayla will be running a great evening of dance competitions and live music as Bar Soho goes to the park, then the big event,  ABBA in Concert in Regent's Park at 2pm PDT.

On Sunday, join DJ Rolday and Tayla in Bar Soho for 80s mix and Madame Lala in her Revue Bar for her Disco Refurb night.

See our facebook page for photos.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter ~ Let's Party

Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you to everyone who came to Party in The Park on Soho & Regent's Park region yesterday.  You had the sim at full capacity for over 4 hours.

The BeeGees '73 as the title suggests was a concert of all the songs the trio had written which pre-dated  Saturday Night Fever.   This uptempo concert was hugely popular and for anyone who lives in the UK who wants to see more BeeGee's there is a 2 hour special and concert on BBC1 tonight from 10.25pm UK

Whilst we make no apologies for being a popular destination, we're sorry that not everyone who wanted to attend could get into the region.   Our best advice is to come earlier next time or check our alternate schedule to see when the Bee Gees are playing again, here in Mainland London.

Next weekend, we have two really special events that you will not want to miss!

On Friday we will have a spectacular party starting at 3am PDT to celebrate the Royal Wedding with many surprise guests dropping into Regent's Park to entertain the crowd.   The full line-up will be published during the week.

Next Saturday, for the first time ever in Mainland London....    ABBA in Concert in Regent's Park.

Party In The Park, Saturday ~ The BeeGee's

Back to today, Easter Sunday.

Today, please make regular pit stops into Regent's Park, there are many eggs hidden all over the sims and better still, its a cash hunt!  Click the eggs to win the money!    Keep an eye on the groups which will announce each time the bunny visits us.

From 12pm Noon PDT join DJ Rolday and Tayla in Bar Soho for a great Easter Sunday Party.

From 2pm PDT, join Skinnyboy standing in for Lala in Madame Lala's London Revue, with Bette Midler on stage!

See all the pictures from this weekend on our facebook page!

Skinnyboy hosts at Lalas Tonight

Party In The Park next Saturday: ABBA!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday: Bee Gee's Concert and Easter Egg Hunt

Happy St George's Day from Mainland London!

Today, an all day party in Regent's Park!

6am PDT:  Our first Easter Egg hunt.  Click the eggs and win the money!

12pm PDT: Bar Soho Party in the Park for St George's day, medieval costume!

2pm PDT: The Main Event:  THE BEE GEES on Stage.

Regent's Park Party today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Easter Line Up in Mainland London

The Bee Gees, Cher, Bette Midler and Saint George (complete with dragon) are all coming to Mainland London for Easter!

We have 5 days of terrific parties to enjoy, starting when everyone gets out of work on Thursday evening and carrying on all the way through until Bank Holiday Monday.

Events too many to list, so here are the highlights...


10am SL Time (6pm UK)  Madame Lala's Refurbished Disco

1pm SL Time (9pm UK)   DJ Lily in Bar Soho for Easter Break

Good Friday

11am SL Time (7pm UK)  Bar Soho in Regent's Park Medieval Party Set for St George's Day

2pm SL Time (10pm UK)  Cher in Concert at Madame Lala's 


All day                            Easter Egg Hunt in the St. Georges Medieval Setting

12pm SL Time (8pm UK)  Bar Soho with Ainune and DJ Rolday

2pm SL Time 10pm UK)   BEE GEES '73 in Concert, their first appearance in, Regent's Park

Easter Sunday

12pm SL Time (8pm UK)  Bar Soho with Tayla and Rolday, the 80's Remixed

2pm SL Time (10pm UK)  Madame Lala's with special guest Bette Midler

Have a very happy Easter everyone.  We look forward to your comany in Mainland London

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mainland London ~ More To Love

We are pleased to announce that today we acquired the rest of the Mephilo region, making Soho & Regents Park a full sim. 

We have plans for London Zoo, Wax Works, another shopping zone and a nightclub in this area soon.
London West End, on our connected region is also undergoing building works.  

Come see our new recreation area in Regent's Park.   It's not completed yet, but will give you an idea of the sim and half of fun planned.

PS: Don't Forget:  TOM JONES in CONCERT tonight at 3pm SL (11pm UK)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shirley, Tina and Tom ~ This Weekend!

Shirley on Friday, Tina on Saturday, Tom on Sunday
Three Great Concerts for you this weekend in Mainland London.
Dame Shirley Bassey on Friday, Tina Turner the Main Event on Saturday and Sir Tom Jones on Sunday.
All concerts start at 3pm PDT/SL Time (11pm UK).

Bar Soho and Star & Garter Pub also open all weekend long with live DJ's and competitions.

Spare time before the concerts?   Check our progress with the new expansion of Regent's Park, featuring London Zoo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

London Zoo in Mainland London

London Zoo to be included in Regent's Park

We are creating an exhibit of the real life London Zoo here in Mainland London's Regent's Park. This exhibit is a representation of the fun and excitement found in the world's oldest zoo.

Although not completed yet, this picture will give you an idea of what is in store.

London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo founded over 180 years ago and can be found in the heart of London, in Regent's Park.

Although this zoo is located in the middle of the city it still has plenty of animals to see including lions, camels, giraffes, penguins, tigers, monkeys and meerkats. In fact there are 750 different species of animals making it  the largest collection of animals in the UK.

The zoo is divided up into many different areas which are great fun to explore and help make it one of London's most popular tourist attractions.

Other attractions such as the Amphitheatre and Regent's Park canal will also be included in this new area of Regent's Park.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get This Party Started!

It's almost Easter and it's time for everyone to reflect on what this time of year means to us all.
For me, its been a bloody long time since Christmas and thank God its Easter, time to get down and party!

Please enjoy the video whilst checking out the lineup here in Mainland London for the rest of this week and weekend.

Regent's Park accomodates up to 80 avatars thanks to its design, but please arrive on time on Saturday to avoid disappointment.


Bar Soho with DJ and Host Lily.  Competition Best in Tits & Tats

Bar Soho, with DJ SW playing Dance and Club.  Competition: Best In Boots
Madame Lala's :   Madame Lala's first ever mid-week opening playing Show Tunes with Ruby on Stage.

Bar Soho, Techno & Trance Night.  Competition: Best In White

Bar Soho, House Music with Duskess.  Competition: Best In Hats
Madame Lala's London Reuve with CampAttack, Ruby Babylon and Shirley Bassey on Stage.

Bar Soho, DJ Rolday and Ainume playing Dance and 80's.  Competition: Sexy Avatar
Regent's Park The Main Event: Party in Regent's Park with TINA TURNER on Stage, hosted by Madame Lala.

Star & Garter Pub: AlcoAnon Morning ~ Please bring a bottle (open from 4am SL Time)
Bar Soho, DJ Rolday playing the 80s.  Competition: Best in Fishnets
Madame Lala's London Revue with CampAttack and Tom Jones Live on Stage

My Rentals - Gridwide information system

Many of us rent multiple spaces all over the grid and knowing when payments are due can be a nightmare.

Here in Mainland London, we have a  free to use service, "My Rentals Finder" to make life just a little easier.

Simply click the board and you will receive a private IM that lists all your rentals, everywhere on the grid, informing you of the time remaining, the landlords name and a Slurl so you can TP directly to the rent box.

This system is located by the entrance to the tube station in Soho.   Click here to visit and try it for yourself.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Regent's Park Expansion - Checking The Progress

Dolly in Regent's Park
Thank you to everyone who came to see Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow in three unique concerts in Mainland London over the weekend. 

A special hello to Boston Linden who came to see Neil Diamond on Saturday and Barry Manilow on Sunday.  Next time, Boston, bring your friends!

It was a fabulous weekend with an extremely high turn out of people visiting Mainland London sims and not a single sim crash in sight.   To see all the pictures in detail, check out the pictures on facebook

Neil performs to a packed house in Lala's!

Don't forget we are holding a concert every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout all of April!

To other things now.  Last week we told you about expansion plans for Regent's Park.

We're pleased to let you know that everything is going according to plan and that the park area is set to triple in size with masses of new features for everyone to enjoy.

Expansion of Regent's Park area.
Whilst much of the area is still undeveloped, the basic concept of the new design is ahead of schedule and we welcome everyone to come and take a look at our progress so far.

Rez a horse and explore Regent's Park
Why not Rez a horse from the free Horse Ride stand and have a gallop around the new park and check things out.

Tina Turner, Saturday 16th April

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hold Saturday's Tina Turner Concert from the new amphitheatre in the park?   No promises! :)

A special and sincere thanks to every one of the ten thousand members of the Mainland London Community.
This community has grown from nothing in September to 10,500 people in April. You have all made this venture hugely successful and immense fun to be involved with. 
We are always looking for people to help us as Mainland London continues to grow and expand.  If you would like to get involved some more, please drop a note in-world.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Easter Break Starts Here ~ Friday 1pm SL Time!

Dolly will be in Regent's Park on Saturday
School's our for... Easter!
For many people, Easter Break starts this evening. 

Here in Mainland London we have 17 whole days of parties!

Starting from 1pm PDT (SL Time) today, join Tayla Tigerfish in Bar Soho for the latest Dance hits and a competition for Best In White.

Then anytime from 3pm PDT, dance on over to Madame Lala's London Revue for a night of entertainment.

Bar Soho, events all weekend
Tonight we have Madame Lala and The Barbettes on the decks with CampAttack, followed by comedienne Ruby Babylon on Stage at 4pm PDT.
Special Guest in Revue on stage tonight: NEIL DIAMOND at 4.30pm PDT.

Bar Soho and Star & Garter Pub are open on Saturday evening for more great sounds from DJ Rolday..
And don't forget the main event this weekend,  Saturday at 3pm PDT,  DOLLY PARTON in Concert in the new, bigger and better, REGENT'S PARK.

Madame Lala's, open all weekend
As if that wasn't enough, we have our regular Al-Anon meeting in the pub on Sunday lunchtime with free booze and freebies,  DJ Rolday and Tayla at Bar Soho and then BARRY MANILOW in Madame Lala's at 3pm PDT.

Other events also running throughout the weekend.   Dance yourself dizzy in Mainland London.

Pictures and things as they happen: Join us on facebook

Thursday, April 07, 2011

London Gets Bigger

The Soho region of Mainland London has just doubled in size!

Although we have added land to the West End district on a regular basis, Soho was starting to feel really cramped.

Whilst having all shops in both regions rented is great, it also meant that clients who wanted store space were unable to open their brand here as we had nothing available for them to rent.

Here in Mainland London, we were always keen to avoid the mistakes of others; ghost towns with whole sims of land, empty shops, no footfall and little to no following.   We started off small and have added land as it has been required.   However we didn't add it quick enough for Soho and we just plain ran out of room!

Today we have remedied that, by adding another half sim to the Soho district of Mainland London.

This will enable us to expand Regent's Park, add more stores, an amphitheatre, housing and better facilities for those who visit us on a regular basis.

Building work has already begun and we hope to have this additional land up and running by the month end.

Thank you for making Mainland London such a tremendous success.

Monday, April 04, 2011

This Saturday: Dolly Parton in Concert

Dolly Parton in Concert on Saturday 9th April in her first ever appearance in Mainland London.

Join Dolly in Regent's Park as part of The Right Royal Festival.

Also on Friday,  Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow in concert!

Can't wait until then?   Bar Soho is open 7 nights a week and Star & Garter is open Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Madame Lala's open Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Right Royal Festival - All of April 2011

A Concert every Weekend night in April

To Celebrate the Royal wedding of HRH Prince William, Mainland London is holding a month long Free festival of live music and tribute acts from all over the grid. 

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout all of April, there will be different acts performing. 

Additional attractions as the month continues, will include a fair ground and free Royal memorabilia to collect.

There will also be a Royal Wedding Spectacular Special event on Friday 29th April for the wedding.....and the Bank Holiday that goes with it!

Tonight (Friday)  Shirley Bassey Concert
Saturday: Cher -  Her first every performance in Mainland London
Sunday: Barry White - His first return concert


Bar Soho is open ALL weekend with live DJs and competitions throughout.  Open 7 nights.

Madame Lala's London Revue, from 3PM PDT with the Barbettes and Cabaret each night.    Open Sat/Sun.

The Star & Garter Pub, open Sunday lunchtime for it's regular Alcoholics Anonymous Sunday Lunch time piss-up.  (Also open Tuesday's & Thursdays).

Make Mainland London your number one hangout in April!