Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter ~ Let's Party

Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you to everyone who came to Party in The Park on Soho & Regent's Park region yesterday.  You had the sim at full capacity for over 4 hours.

The BeeGees '73 as the title suggests was a concert of all the songs the trio had written which pre-dated  Saturday Night Fever.   This uptempo concert was hugely popular and for anyone who lives in the UK who wants to see more BeeGee's there is a 2 hour special and concert on BBC1 tonight from 10.25pm UK

Whilst we make no apologies for being a popular destination, we're sorry that not everyone who wanted to attend could get into the region.   Our best advice is to come earlier next time or check our alternate schedule to see when the Bee Gees are playing again, here in Mainland London.

Next weekend, we have two really special events that you will not want to miss!

On Friday we will have a spectacular party starting at 3am PDT to celebrate the Royal Wedding with many surprise guests dropping into Regent's Park to entertain the crowd.   The full line-up will be published during the week.

Next Saturday, for the first time ever in Mainland London....    ABBA in Concert in Regent's Park.

Party In The Park, Saturday ~ The BeeGee's

Back to today, Easter Sunday.

Today, please make regular pit stops into Regent's Park, there are many eggs hidden all over the sims and better still, its a cash hunt!  Click the eggs to win the money!    Keep an eye on the groups which will announce each time the bunny visits us.

From 12pm Noon PDT join DJ Rolday and Tayla in Bar Soho for a great Easter Sunday Party.

From 2pm PDT, join Skinnyboy standing in for Lala in Madame Lala's London Revue, with Bette Midler on stage!

See all the pictures from this weekend on our facebook page!

Skinnyboy hosts at Lalas Tonight

Party In The Park next Saturday: ABBA!

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