Thursday, April 14, 2011

London Zoo in Mainland London

London Zoo to be included in Regent's Park

We are creating an exhibit of the real life London Zoo here in Mainland London's Regent's Park. This exhibit is a representation of the fun and excitement found in the world's oldest zoo.

Although not completed yet, this picture will give you an idea of what is in store.

London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo founded over 180 years ago and can be found in the heart of London, in Regent's Park.

Although this zoo is located in the middle of the city it still has plenty of animals to see including lions, camels, giraffes, penguins, tigers, monkeys and meerkats. In fact there are 750 different species of animals making it  the largest collection of animals in the UK.

The zoo is divided up into many different areas which are great fun to explore and help make it one of London's most popular tourist attractions.

Other attractions such as the Amphitheatre and Regent's Park canal will also be included in this new area of Regent's Park.

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