Monday, July 30, 2012

The Weekend Review 27th -29th July 2012

Hello London City.... Stunned? me too. Wow-wee  what a weekend!! Can you believe it ? ....someone pinch me... (ouch!)

Right, are you sitting comfortably?   Buckle up and lets go!

Friday 27th July 2012

Ordinarily, Friday in London City starts at Substation, our quirky 60's club, music, dancing, chat, then onto Bar Soho for more great music, and fun, then on to Madame Lala's where DJ fierce plays us some funky tunes and takes us into the early hours.... one of the best nights in Second Life you can have... with great people and fun times..... BUT, not this Friday, oh no! This Friday, all events were held in Regents Park, only because a little thing called the Olympics was in town... oh yes, as you know we follow very
closely the Real Life events that happen in London, like The Queens Jubilee, Gay Pride, yes even the Riots, and One of the most spectacular shows on Earth was beamed LIVE in to Regents Park as the back drop to our fantastic events.
First up in this marathon event, our own Torric spinning the tunes and hosting the event, Coffee and Roy to wet our appetites, and get the crowd going, and speaking of crowds, within the first 10 minutes of opening, the sim was packed full of people wanting to party in the Top Destination in Second Life. Hundreds of people arrived with one thing on their mind...
P A R T Y  !!!
Throughout the night we ran a "best in your country's flag" event, so people from all over the grid could show support for their own team in the Olympics,by wearing their flag colours, we had people from all over the Globe here in London City, and we had a blast.

9pm ... Time for the opening ceremony to start nearly £27 million ( $40million USD)  was spent on the opening  ceremony alone. The tension mounted, if we could have bottled the excitement, we could have powered the Planet with it, amazing!  We saw the Queen parachute into the Olympic stadium  with James Bond  from a helicopter,  and  how they had managed  transformed the Olympic stadium to a lush island of pastoral villages to an industrial monster, where rivers of molten steel formed one glowing ring, then two, then five to form the Olympic 5 ring symbol we all know. All the Royals were there, as Danny Boyle used music, lights, dance and stagecraft, paying tribute to everything British from James Bond and the Queen, to Peter pan and Harry potter, also the N.H.S, fireworks like I'd never seen before in fact there were  too many things to mention, there was so much excitement and hype, and we at London City caught it all on large screens in Regents Park where Dj willy played great music for people to dance to and have an evening they will never forget. History in the making people :) Makes us very proud to be British.

Saturday 28th July 2012

Every Saturday, London city plays host to an open air concert, be it Live Singers, Big Bands or Groups, whatever it is, its sure to be the best entertainment in Second Life.
This weekend we had an Abba tribute band, which everyone loves. The sim was full to the brim, and people queueing to get in and party with us.

 In 1972 Agnetha Faltskog, Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, came together, they took the first letters from their name and formed the band Abba, they sold over 370 million records between the years 1972 and 1982, which makes them one of the most successful bands of all time, and they still sell millions of records a year.

People arrived in their hundreds, many queueing to get in to the park, what a night, such a great crowd of people all enjoying themselves. Everyone loves this concert and everyone sings along to such greats as Mama Mia, Fernando, Waterloo, Chicken Tika... I mean Chiquitita, I have a dream and many many more.

Later with the Olympics in mind, we held our own Olympic event with a whopping 500L prize, everyone was given an egg and spoon to wear, they had to run from Regents Park to our brand new themed club JUICED. Well, what a hoot, it was so funny watching them all waddle up the street wearing a huge spoon with an egg on, we all fell about laughing.

As you know, we have a great new club in London City called Juiced, its a club with a difference, as its not only you that gets dressed for the fun events, the club changes it d├ęcor to match the theme, this week,with the Olympics, we had a sport related theme, the club had a running track on a flood lit field and everyone turned up in their sports wear, and if they didn't have sports wear, they had to party in their vest  and pants  :)
It was a great night with a cash prize.

Sunday 29th July 2012

Still buzzing from all the hype over the weekend, we need something to bring us back down to earth safely, and what better way that with Bailey, and the Sunday smooth at Madame Lala's.
Yes, Bailey plays the best in easy listening, jazz and  smooth jams for us every Sunday. Its a perfect way to ease into your lazy day, chat and dance your cares away.

Later we head to Substation, to catch up on all the gossip with friends, and sing along to some golden oldies, and have a boogie.

then later back to Juiced for more great themes fun and dancing.

That's all from me this weekend, i  look forward to seeing you through the week for more fun than you can shake a stick at  xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby. xxx

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Events

12pm SL (8pm UK) Join us in Regent's Park for a 1960s Bopfest!

1pm SL, ABBA in Concert

2.30pm SL, Olympic Egg'n'Spoon Race to Juiced at The London Astoria, for a night at the races!

Theme: Best in Olympics win 500L
Egg'n'Spoon win 500L

It starts here

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics - The Party is on NOW!

Party on down to London City right now!

The Olympic opening party is in full swing from 11am SL (7pm UK).  Win 500L - Best in Your Country's Colours!  Great company, Best Music.

Click to Teleport:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

London City 2012 - The Olympics - starts Friday

Here in Real Life London where our HQ is based, we were thrilled to see the torch going past our windows on Monday.  This time it was the real thing and not a shoplifter holding a french stick aloft whilst being chased by two security guards.

We are all feeling cautiously optimistic that the Olympics Games, "London 2012", will pass off without a hitch.

We nervously await the opening ceremony with the confidence that it will be full of razmataz, glitter and do us all very proud and we're not listening to anyone who expects it only to be impressive as Basil Fawlty setting off a box of Brocks fireworks.

We hope you will join us on Friday, from 11am SLT (7pm UK) as we prepare ourselves for a month of fun activities, events, concerts and other special entertainment.

Is it true that London City will be holding an Olympic Egg'n'Spoon race?   Of course.  We strive to keep everything as realistic as possible :)

See you here, on Friday:

Saturday: Olympic ABBA in Concert, Best in Olympics theme competition.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrating 3 years of London City

When London City started on a small Mainland parcel three years ago, we could never have dreamed that it would grow and evolve into the single most popular destination in all of Second Life.  We owe our following to the patrons, the merchants and the crew that operates the estate.

Please join us this Saturday from 12pm SL (8pm UK) in Soho to celebrate our Birthday.
Here is the TP link

At 1pm SL, Adevina Citron will be singing LIVE on stage and taking requests from the audience.
At 2pm SL, brand new, the legend that is Bon Jovi,  A Tribute Concert.

The theme for this weeks competition is "Best in Birthday", which is open entirely to your own interpretation.. but a clue is to start rummaging in your inventory for any Rez Day and Birthday items you have :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekend Review 13 -15 July 2012

Hello there London City gang :) how ya doing?

Let me start by saying it was great seeing you all this weekend, in the number 1 destination in Second Life .... but don't  just take my word for it.....

Friday 13th July 2012

Whoaaa Friday the 13th , but  nothing to fear in London City, it's just another great day to start the weekend, and where better than to start at Substation, a quirky club with a retro feel, and a blend of 50's and 60's music to wet your appetite. It's the kind of place to unwind and let your hair down, meet up with some friends have a chat, and dance before hitting more clubs in London City. It has a fun friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Then on to Bar Soho, a very popular club with everyone.
 Bar Soho is open every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday, and it sees a different Dj, Host combination every night, so it's fresh and fun. Here you can dance your cares away, chat with friends, or just lose yourself in the music, its a great night out for everyone and don't forget that addictive lyric machine.

Then to take you right into the night, next stop, Madame Lala's... this is a fantastic club, if you want FUN, get yourself to Lala's on a Friday night, you will not stop chuckling from start to finish and that's down to the amazing sharp wit of resident Dj Fierce.
 Madame Lala's is a small cosy club with a great atmosphere, Dj Fierce plays all manor of funky tunes to get your foot tapping, some golden oldies and some never heard before tracks that some how all blend perfectly together.

Saturday 14th July 2012

On a Saturday, Regents Park is taken over, by an open air concert, with a custom built stage for the event, sometimes we have Live singers, some times Groups and Bands, whatever it is, it's sure to be the best entertainment  Second Life has to offer. In london City, we are known for keeping it real, and following closely what happens in Real Life, so people all over the globe, and Grid for that matter can share with us real life  events,such as the Queens Jubilee, Gay Pride etc,

and this weekend was no different, we had Saturday night at the Proms join us in London City, ugh! classical music i hear you groan... what!! are you kidding me? , this concert is so popular, playing the most popular tunes people love and also introducing people to classical music that have never enjoyed it before, playing the most awesome melodies like Beethoven' s 1812 overture and Land of Hope and Glory by Edward Elgar and many more  ..... 1 word WOW, the sim was so full  of people trying to get to see this concert, they were quite literally queuing to get in... the event also runs a "best in " contest, this week we saw people put on their "Posh" and come in their finest gowns and suits, how fabulous everybody looked, who knew we would scrub up so well :) The evening was a blast, everyone had so much fun.

Then on to Lezbo

Lezbo is my featured club this week. The club is open to everybody and anybody, its a themed club, with a different theme each night, but its a club with a difference, not only is there a themed events every night,  but the club interior changes every night to compliment the theme, and it doesn't stop there, the music also is tailored to accompany the theme, so every night people turn up not quite sure what to expect from this amazing club, also the themes are a little more taxing than usual, people spend time hunting the perfect outfit, and it really pays off, with everyone looking totally awesome.

But if you don't get dressed up into the theme, you are always made welcome to dance the night away and join in the fun friendly chat .
This week we saw events like "best in Prison", "best  in Under the Sea", "best in Sleep-over", "best in Red Carpet/ Paparazzi" and "best in Mythical"

Sunday 15th July 2012

What a night last night was, amazing!! and yes I for one feel a little worse for wear this morning :P, I just want to take it easy and slide into the day, ... and what better way than joining Bailey ( Madame Lala's club Manager ) for the Sunday Smooth, ahhhhhh, Bailey plays the best smooth jams and easy listening tunes to help bring us back to life from the excitement of the night before, absolutely perfect. The Sunday Smooth starts around 11am, so we don't even need to get up early and is the best way to start your Sunday.

Later, we head back over to substation for more chatting and dancing in the early evening, and into the night back at Lezbo  to bring the weekend activities to a close and ready for another exciting week in London City .xxx

So, that's it from me this week, I look forward to seeing you all for another fun packed week

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hold on tight for the London Proms

The greatest classical music festival on earth returns to London in Second Life.

On Saturday from 12pm SL (8pm UK) join us for Party in The Park in Regent's Park

From 2pm SL (10pm UK) enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of this major musical attraction.
Win 500L for Best in Formal.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Review 6-8 July 2012

Hello London City, are you OK? are you? Good because I wanted to know!!

So, what can I say about this weekend? One thing I can say is ..O...M...G!!!

Seriously, before you read any further, you need to fasten your seatbelt, and you may want to inform your next of kin!! This weekend was smashed!!!

Firstly, Bish, Bash, Bosh!!! 'ave some of that!!!

When you came on Second Life over the weekend you would have seen us (London City) all over the log in page, which told  people the best place to go in SL.  We are the top destination in Second Life, but you already knew that  :) x

Friday 6th July 2012

The weekend starts now at Substation, a fun club Hosted by Coffee Queen, and the talented Bailey Saxmundham Djing her socks off playing a mix of 50's and 60's tunes, fitting to the club, this is a great night out for all.

Then its on to Bar Soho, for dancing and themed events. This weekend  club manager Wil.Youngblood took Bar Soho on a Road-show to Regents Park. There was dancing, and chat, plus the new lyric machine that everybody loves, trying to guest the next lyric has us firing out random words in order to win a cash prize, its very addictive, not only that, there was a featured event, best in Rainbow, to kick off our Gay Pride weekend, everyone turned up in their brightest gear, and looking wonderful.

Friday was also a special day for Torric, Estate partner of London City, it was his birthday, and we held a secret surprise party for him at Madame Lala's, in he came unsuspecting, as we all yelled Happy Birthday!!! There was drinks, cake, dancing, and balloons.
Then to take us in to Saturday Dj Fierce at Madame lala's, played the Funkiest mix of tunes and I was hosting,  carrying on the Rainbow theme for Gay Pride.
Madame Lala's  is my featured club this week. Based on the RL club, Madame Jojo's in Brewer Street, Soho.
 Madame Jojo's is a highly celebrated cabaret and burlesque venue,with legendary famous drag performances in the past from, Ruby Venzuela, Lily savage, Adrella and Regina Fong.

Madame Lala's, is open every Friday night and Sunday morning, and plays some of the best mixes of music in Second Life, there's something for everyone, the club is warm and friendly teamed with a sharp wit from Dj Fierce who plays the Friday night  and club manager Bailey Saxmundham, who see's us right with some cool easy listening for the Sunday Smooth. Both events have a themed contest, where you can win a cash prize. If you have never been before, give it a go, you will LOVE it!

Saturday 7th July 2012

Gay Pride! Gay Pride! Gay Pride!

All day the celebration went on to a packed sim, we had concerts from Cher, Dolly Parton, Bette Midler and Shirley Bassey, plus full music sets from our talented Dj's... What a day, where else could you see such legends one after another... for free?

People "tping" in all day, and not wanting to leave, even when hunger set in, they didn't want to miss any of it!

Our own Billy Arentire built a fantastic themed  set in Regents park especially for Gay Pride, ( I think it will be talked about for years
to come!! ) x

The celebrations went on it Regent's Park right through til 3am UK, with Lezbo on a roadshow and still people stayed on for more partying!

Sunday 8th July 2012

Every Sunday morning Madame Lala manager, Bailey Saxmundham, opens the club for the Sunday smooth, this week not being left out of the celebrations, Madame Lala's also went on a road-show to Regents park, people swarming in ready to recover from the night before's celebrations, again the sim was packed to bursting point, and it stayed that way all day and night. One event after another, our own talented Dj's taking the reigns for a few hours with the best music mixes and themed events, before passing on to the next Dj. It was a music marathon, we all thoroughly enjoyed it what a blast! It was left to yours truly to bring the celebrations to a close when we all collapsed in a heap lol .

So, that's it from me, I will see you through the week for more fun and frolics.

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

Thursday, July 05, 2012

London Pride Festival, Saturday 7th July

Join us in London City on Saturday 7th July for the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Pride Festival.
With events going on throughout the day, this is a carnival sensation that you will not want to miss.

Preforming on stage this year, Cher, Bette Midler, Shirley Bassey and Dolly Parton.  The event starts at 5am SL (1pm UK) with the first concert at 6am SL and running throughout the day!

Multiple competitions for best in Pride gear!

The Main stage is located here

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

4th July Party in The Park, 5am SL / 1pm UK

On Wednesday, London City celebrates American Independence Day with our friends across the pond with a mid-week daytime Picnic & Party here in London inSL.

Party starts at 5am SL (1pm UK).
Red White & Blue outfits, the best wins 500L

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Weekend Review 29 June- 1 July 2012

Dull, Boring, Uneventful weekend - Not  in London City, are you mad? We had more Fun than you can shake a stick at!!!

Here's the maths ...Dances+Events+Concerts+Special Guests+Prizes X London City = Amazing Fun with a capital F!!
Yes, if you missed the weekend with us, I'm sure there is some kind of therapy group you can join :P
so what was so great I hear you ask.... Well, let me tell you .....

Friday 29th June 2012

TGIF!!! yayaya the weekend starts here, and what better way then to head to Substation, this quirky club is set beneath our New User Experience... ( N.U.E is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about getting around in Second Life and getting the most from your viewer), in the Underground Tube.
Substation has a friendly atmosphere, and is open every Friday and Sunday, and plays a mixture of golden oldies from the 50's and 60's.

Next stop .... Bar Soho
This week Bar Soho is my featured club, one of the more established clubs in London City, Bar Soho has been around for some time now, its had a few face-lifts in that time ... all better than the one before :)... Each night the club sees a different Dj and Host combination, all playing different genre overseen by new club manager Wil Youngblood, who has also placed a guess the next lyric machine in the club, what a hoot....and  very addictive, with everyone firing random words out to win a Linden Prize. There is always a themed event too at Bar Soho yet another chance to win Lindens. This week we saw contests like "Best in Glasses" "Best in Hats" "best in Costumes" and many more.. Its a fabulous night out, and shouldn't be missed  :)

Then on  to Madame Lala's... Madame Lala's club is based on (Madame) Jojo's club in Brewer Street, London,

Playing a huge selection of the the funkiest tunes was our own Dj Fierce, and yours truly hosting, we had a great night, Best in Glam, and boy did you all look glamorous!!  We partied into the wee hours, fun all the way!

Saturday 30th June 2012

It was one of those days with an electric buzz in the air, people were arriving early to the park, you just knew it was going to be a great party night, but then again  it's always like that in London City, that's what makes us the Top Destination in Second Life..
Saturday is our big night in Regents Park, here our own Billy Arentire builds a custom made stage for great live acts to perform, this week, Billy transformed Regents Park into an  Ancient Greek Temple, as  we had the awesome singing talent of Demis Roussos ,

Demis was around London City during the day to help promote his evening concert, he really is a great chap!. 

Demis, born 15 June 1946  in Alexandria, Egypt, he is a Greek singer and performer who had a string of international hit records such as " My friend the wind", " goodbye my love" "forever and ever" and many, many more as a solo performer in the 1960s and 1970s,  after having been a member of Aphrodite's Child, a progressive rock group that also included the well renowned Vangelis. He has sold over 40 million albums worldwide, he has a fantastic voice and always gets the crowd singing along.

London City was packed full of party people, dancing and singing, and doing the conga which is always a giggle.

Then time to hot-foot it over to Lezbo, Second Life's top themed club, each night the club is transformed into a new theme, just like a chameleon, the club looks different to go with the slightly more challenging "Best in " events. Saturday was "Best in Circus", people turned up as clowns, ring masters, animals, jugglers, acrobats, the list is too long to mention, but everyone looked Great!,

Sunday 1st July 2012

Whoa what a night last night!!! London City really does have it all, including a Sunday Smooth at Madame Lala's, a morning of easy listening tunes to ease you into your lazy Sunday, if you like your music smooth, jazz, soulful, and calm, you wont get anywhere better, great music, great surroundings, just the ticket!

Then back to Substation for more fun chats and dancing, and on to Lezbo to bring the weekend to a close.

See, I told you, another fab weekend in London City!

You will not believe what we have planned for you throughout July, keep ya eyes peeled and prepare yourself for the best EVER time with us !!!

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx