Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekend Review 13 -15 July 2012

Hello there London City gang :) how ya doing?

Let me start by saying it was great seeing you all this weekend, in the number 1 destination in Second Life .... but don't  just take my word for it.....

Friday 13th July 2012

Whoaaa Friday the 13th , but  nothing to fear in London City, it's just another great day to start the weekend, and where better than to start at Substation, a quirky club with a retro feel, and a blend of 50's and 60's music to wet your appetite. It's the kind of place to unwind and let your hair down, meet up with some friends have a chat, and dance before hitting more clubs in London City. It has a fun friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Then on to Bar Soho, a very popular club with everyone.
 Bar Soho is open every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday, and it sees a different Dj, Host combination every night, so it's fresh and fun. Here you can dance your cares away, chat with friends, or just lose yourself in the music, its a great night out for everyone and don't forget that addictive lyric machine.

Then to take you right into the night, next stop, Madame Lala's... this is a fantastic club, if you want FUN, get yourself to Lala's on a Friday night, you will not stop chuckling from start to finish and that's down to the amazing sharp wit of resident Dj Fierce.
 Madame Lala's is a small cosy club with a great atmosphere, Dj Fierce plays all manor of funky tunes to get your foot tapping, some golden oldies and some never heard before tracks that some how all blend perfectly together.

Saturday 14th July 2012

On a Saturday, Regents Park is taken over, by an open air concert, with a custom built stage for the event, sometimes we have Live singers, some times Groups and Bands, whatever it is, it's sure to be the best entertainment  Second Life has to offer. In london City, we are known for keeping it real, and following closely what happens in Real Life, so people all over the globe, and Grid for that matter can share with us real life  events,such as the Queens Jubilee, Gay Pride etc,

and this weekend was no different, we had Saturday night at the Proms join us in London City, ugh! classical music i hear you groan... what!! are you kidding me? , this concert is so popular, playing the most popular tunes people love and also introducing people to classical music that have never enjoyed it before, playing the most awesome melodies like Beethoven' s 1812 overture and Land of Hope and Glory by Edward Elgar and many more  ..... 1 word WOW, the sim was so full  of people trying to get to see this concert, they were quite literally queuing to get in... the event also runs a "best in " contest, this week we saw people put on their "Posh" and come in their finest gowns and suits, how fabulous everybody looked, who knew we would scrub up so well :) The evening was a blast, everyone had so much fun.

Then on to Lezbo

Lezbo is my featured club this week. The club is open to everybody and anybody, its a themed club, with a different theme each night, but its a club with a difference, not only is there a themed events every night,  but the club interior changes every night to compliment the theme, and it doesn't stop there, the music also is tailored to accompany the theme, so every night people turn up not quite sure what to expect from this amazing club, also the themes are a little more taxing than usual, people spend time hunting the perfect outfit, and it really pays off, with everyone looking totally awesome.

But if you don't get dressed up into the theme, you are always made welcome to dance the night away and join in the fun friendly chat .
This week we saw events like "best in Prison", "best  in Under the Sea", "best in Sleep-over", "best in Red Carpet/ Paparazzi" and "best in Mythical"

Sunday 15th July 2012

What a night last night was, amazing!! and yes I for one feel a little worse for wear this morning :P, I just want to take it easy and slide into the day, ... and what better way than joining Bailey ( Madame Lala's club Manager ) for the Sunday Smooth, ahhhhhh, Bailey plays the best smooth jams and easy listening tunes to help bring us back to life from the excitement of the night before, absolutely perfect. The Sunday Smooth starts around 11am, so we don't even need to get up early and is the best way to start your Sunday.

Later, we head back over to substation for more chatting and dancing in the early evening, and into the night back at Lezbo  to bring the weekend activities to a close and ready for another exciting week in London City .xxx

So, that's it from me this week, I look forward to seeing you all for another fun packed week

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx


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