Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Do You See? (Results)

During the week we asked you about your viewer environment settings in London City.

Thanks for taking part. This information is useful to us for textures and building content and allows us to plan then for optimum effect.

161 people voted, and here are the results:

Override - You set Day/Night yourself:  (61) 38%

Region Default - LL's Day/Nigh Cycle (32) 21%  *34%

Region Windlight - Suggested setting when you land (20) 12%

Own Windlight - Your own windlight (27) 17%

Don't Know - Assumed to be Region Default (21) 13%  *34%

Whilst only sampling a small amount of unique visitors to London City, this straw poll shows that currently about a quarter of visitors use Windlight settings.  The majority of visitors prefer to override settings to create their own suitable ambience. The remainder electing to accept the region default.

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