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Friday, November 22, 2019

The return of last names

The lab blogged yesterday about changes coming to the grid in January.  These include changes to event hosting, a new level of premium membership, marketplace fees.. and the return of last names!

Premium users will, for an additional fee, be able to change their first and last names!

You can of course choose any first name, but the last name will be from a list curated by the lab.   This is how it originally worked all those years ago.

Old last names from way back will not be available, but a user can select from an exhaustive list of new last names.

Additionally the lab is asking for name suggestions, so if you have one in mind you would really like to see, now would be a good time to suggest it!

You can see the full  official blog post here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Surnames To Return

Whilst we listen to rumours, we don't often publish them... but here's something that is truly worthy of a mention and from the horses mouth.

Surnames are coming back to Second Life by January!

This means we won't need to see terrible account names with masses of numbers after them, just because the persons name is Bob!

Rodvik says,  "We are trying to figure out how to do it in a way which would be excellent, rather than just ok.  We want it intuitive with extra features.  Hopefully we will roll out what we are thinking of, early January.  Identity is very important so as we touch it, we need to make sure we are adding something great". 

This immediately throws open the questions:
Will residents with unfortunate account names be able to change them?   
What is the future of display names?

Just have to wait and see I guess.