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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Last names are back!

Ten years ago, when you created a Second Life account, you chose your first name and then selected a Last name from a drop down menu, but this abruptly halted in 2010 when all new accounts were given the surname of Resident.

Ever since then the community in Second Life have been asking for the return of Last Names, but since Second Life was designed in a way that your name could never be changed, it was a herculean task to re-code all aspects of the grid to permit a surname of Resident to be changed to something else.

But now, if you have a premium account, for the one-off cost of $39.99 + Vat (if applicable) you can, at last change both your First and Last name!  Head to your dashboard to make any changes.

The actual list of available last names you can choose will change on a regular basis.  I asked if I was unhappy with my new selection, could I ever return to my original Last name and I was told that I could.  Additionally you can change your First name only and retain your original Last Name.

For a lot more information about this, see the labs blog here

Friday, November 22, 2019

The return of last names

The lab blogged yesterday about changes coming to the grid in January.  These include changes to event hosting, a new level of premium membership, marketplace fees.. and the return of last names!

Premium users will, for an additional fee, be able to change their first and last names!

You can of course choose any first name, but the last name will be from a list curated by the lab.   This is how it originally worked all those years ago.

Old last names from way back will not be available, but a user can select from an exhaustive list of new last names.

Additionally the lab is asking for name suggestions, so if you have one in mind you would really like to see, now would be a good time to suggest it!

You can see the full  official blog post here.