Monday, November 12, 2012

The Weekend Review 9-11 November 2012

Hello London in SL, namely  London City, how you doing?
Tell me... how does  it feel to be part of  the top destination in Second  Life?
Abso-flippin-lutely awesome or what!
 Together we just  go from strength to strength , bringing you  Full On, and Brand New entertainment every single day of  the week, never one to sit  on our  laurels, everyday in  London City something new is happening, and how do we do that?
We have  the best team there is,  like a well oiled machine, all working together to bring you the best entertainment on the grid... unparalleled and  unique.... don't settle for cheap imitations, London City in Second  Life is where it's at xxx

<<sing's>> It's Friday, Friday , Friday, (ok you can take  ya fingers  out your ears now ... )

I can't believe how quick this week has gone, but you know  what that means , time to kick back and relax with friends, we all meet up in the hub before heading off to Substation, for a great night with Roy, Coffee, and  Bailey.

Substation is a retro club, playing all the greatest golden oldies, it's the kind of place  you  mum and dad would have hung out in when they were younger. It's fun and quirky, (even a little bit grubby-  :P but don't tell Roy I said  that ) you can meet new people here, and make new friends, there's  always great banter  and  a friendly atmosphere :)

No Time to's stright on to Bar Soho...

Found in sim 1... (Soho) this is one of London City's original clubs, it's seen a few face lifts, as you know we like to keep up to date with real life London.

Bar Soho brings you fantastic entertainment everyday day of  the week, with a different Dj/ Host combination every night, keeping the music on trend and fresh.
Club manager Bailey keeps the events fun and easy for everyone to join in with, whether  they are new to second  life or well seasoned residents.

And it doesn't stop there, time for a mad dash across sim to Madame Lala's.

Madame Lala's is the jewel of Soho, tucked away, ready to pounce  on the unsuspecting passer by.... bringing you kitsch cabaret, an evening of feathers,+ glitz and dazzling live music from our very own  Dj Fierce, along with sharp wit and great banter sparkling every Friday night, and yours truly as Hostess, we really do have  the most fabulous  time.

Meanwhile, across sim, to Victoria, our Adult sim, The crown pub rocks into action, with an Adult style event, and top Adult fun, not for the faint hearted, The crown is for Adults who like their fun saucy ...oo lala.

New * New * New*
Friday also see's  the opening of Dj request night, at Juiced in our Adult Sim, Victoria.
Here Dj Rosie takes to the air, with the lovely Lillith as Host, this duo is a blend  of fun, with splash of cheeky banter and a good dollop of great music all requested by you... its a great way to start your weekend.

Saturday in London City, i hope you have your seat belts fastened....

Every weekend  we bring you an open air concert in Regents  Park, totally free, with a chance to win huge amounts of lindens, with a best in event that compliments the LIVE act.

This weekend, we saw  the fantastic  Cher in concert. Cher born in 1946 , is known not only for her singing and distinctive voice , but also for her acting career, in such films as Moonstruck, The Witches of Eastwick, Suspect, to name a few... she has won Golden Globe awards, Grammy's, Emmy Awards, Cher is the only person in history to have won all these awards.

Cher's C.V would read... Singer,Actress, Songwriter, Record Producer,Author, Film Director, Film Producer, Comedian, TV Host, Model, Fashion Designer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist.
She is one talented lady. Not only that she has released at least 25 Albums  with countless songs that constantly top the charts...

The sim was heaving, with everyone wanting to see Cher, we all sang along to songs  like  "Bang Bang", "Gypsies, Tramps And  thieves" also "If I Could Turn Back Time" and many many more, what a fabulous  night... and it didn't stop there....

A quick trot across sims back to Victoria to Juiced, our total themed singles  club...
this week was best in Doctors and nurses where Juiced was transformed  to A&E hospital ready to party right into the night.

As you know we always follow Real Life events in London City, and  Sunday We paid tribute to fallen soldiers during the war.. it was Remembrance Sunday which falls as close to 11th November as possible.

At 11.00am GMT.  We stood for a minute  silence and remembered brave soldiers and their families.

Sunday time to relax with the Sunday smooth at Madame  Lala's with club  manager Bailey

Then later we head  back to  Substation with Roy for more retro tunes...

here I'm about to kick Willy's Ass ..I mean Don key....

Then back to Juiced, where we had a Burlesque /Boy-lesque  night to bring the weekend  to a close.

So, that's all from me this week, I'll see you for more fun and frolics in  London  City xxx

Roving Reporter Ruby xxx

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