Thursday, November 01, 2012

Rod Stewart & Guy Fawkes on Saturday

This Saturday, join us for a Double Whammy Event - Rod and Guy!

The one and only Rod Stewart making his first ever appearance here in London, with a unique 80 minute show featuring all his most famous songs, plus a spectacular Firework show to honour Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night, right afterwards.

In honour of Rod, the theme this week is Best in Animal Print Clothing.  Win 1000L.

Party starts at 1pm SL (8pm UK), here

And now a potted history of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night:

Penny for the Guy?

Back in 1605, Guido Fawkes (Guy, to his mates) wanted to protest on how Catholics were treated.

Fawkes decided that they would try to blow up the Houses of Parliament, (visit HOP in London here) in particular the House of Lords, by smuggling in hundreds of gunpowder kegs into the cellar and detonating them on 5th November as the King (James I) was opening Parliament.

Unfortnately for Guy Fawkes, one of his gang was a blabber mouth and word soon spread and they were caught in the act.

As a slap on the wrist for doing such a thing, they decided to chop bits of him off, hang him for a couple of minutes, disembowel him and do other unmentionable things to embarrass him. This gruesome torture of being hanged drawn and quartered was reserved exclusively for traitors. Petty crime only resulted in the severing of limbs and sometimes being boiled in oil.
Here in the UK on the 5th November (or the closest Saturday to it), we celebrate this bit of horrible history with a firework display and huge bonfires burning an effigy of Guy.

Saturday Events in London City are sponsored by DX Exchange, Money Exchange in SL at Best Rates.

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