Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spotlight On Style: B&V Fashion Style

Located around the corner from Juiced themed nightclub on London City 3 - Victoria, I came across the B&V Fashion Style shop.  Despite the eye-catching logo the shop has a plain and simple shop design and layout which puts the focus firmly on the merchandise.  The lines include women's outfits, dresses, lingerie, some ladies footwear, male outfits, jeans and jackets.  Some items in the store use the traditional methods of clothing construction, some use mesh.  All items retail at under L$100, so even those on a budget can treat themselves.

The dress in the pic is Elegance in black.  It is a simple and something every woman needs in her wardrobe - a little black dress.  This dress has added interested in a delicate pattern across the main body of the garment.  The dress comes supplied on jacket and shirt layers for the top and the pants layer for the bottom.  A modifiable prim skirt is also included - along with a posing animation to allow you to adjust the prim skirt.

B&V Fashion Style can be found here.

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