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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Waving from the cloud!

Hang on to your hairnets everyone, Second Life is fully in the Cloud!

On Tuesday, the lab posted an announcement on their blog saying that it is mission accomplished apart from a handful of issues.  We're off their old hardware and all located in one big fluffy cloud on the Amazon Web Servers.   They also posted video of a giant shredding machine making robotic mince meat out of their old hard disks. The video below (taken from the link below) shows a good few continents getting mashed.  

In other news, it seems the acquisition of Linden Lab has gone through and it is under new management. The lab says it will give them even more resources!

Head over to their blog to read the news yourself, now that I've told you the plot.

Out with the old.. shredding of the old kit.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Singularity - Avatar Cloud Issues

This week saw the final removal of the old UDP protocol from Second Life simulators.

Unfortunately it appears that a few viewers, most noticeably, Singularity, still had a few lines of  overlooked code that still relied on UDP.

If you are a cloud, or get lots of "unable to attach", or "unable to rez" messages, it is likely you are affected because your viewer is not up-to-date.

To correct this problem for Singularity head to and download build version 7648.

Please note that the more recent builds 7667, 7676 and 7685 contain other associated problems yet to be ironed out.   7648 remains the latest stable viewer.

For other viewers, check to see if a update for your viewer has been released this week to correct the issue.