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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Singularity Viewer

The new Singularity viewer has some awesome new rendering effects.   Check out the reflection of the water Caribbean mode!

Singularity can be downloaded here:

Friday, July 05, 2019

Singularity - Avatar Cloud Issues

This week saw the final removal of the old UDP protocol from Second Life simulators.

Unfortunately it appears that a few viewers, most noticeably, Singularity, still had a few lines of  overlooked code that still relied on UDP.

If you are a cloud, or get lots of "unable to attach", or "unable to rez" messages, it is likely you are affected because your viewer is not up-to-date.

To correct this problem for Singularity head to and download build version 7648.

Please note that the more recent builds 7667, 7676 and 7685 contain other associated problems yet to be ironed out.   7648 remains the latest stable viewer.

For other viewers, check to see if a update for your viewer has been released this week to correct the issue.

Monday, March 25, 2019

A new View(er) of the Hub area

A busy week in London City, saw not only the Gateway remodelled for Spring, but also the main Plaza Hub area of London City revamped to give it a more summery look!

These pictures are taken using the new Singularity Test viewer, with the PyFX filters which, because they appear on screen in real-time just like Windlight settings, can be used not only for your personal ambience, but for pictures and video too!

The Singularity Developers are working feverishly to bring out a full release of the viewer very soon!

More news as it happens.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Last night in London

Kicking off Valentines season in London City last night, was Cat Stevens, spreading peace and love around the world.

We were joined throughout the event by Liru, lead developer for Singularity Viewer  she she was here to test the very latest build of this superfast viewer, shipping to all users during February.    More on that as the project nears completion.. 'cept to say it has a ton of brand new requested features users will love.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sudden Frame Rate Drops (KB3176938)

Updated 14th September (notes at bottom)

Finding your frame rate inexplicably goes from whatever is normal to about 2 frames a second?

Well you can relax to an extent, there is nothing wrong with your settings and you are not being griefed.

But you are a Windows 10 Anniversary user, and you have the KB3176938 update and it installed around 1st September. This is the cause of your problems.

This is not simply a Second Life related problem, this issue is common to all OpenGL rendered applications, including D&D Online, Runescape, and Xplane, with emerging reports from the Minecraft community.

The problem occurs when any other application steals focus from your viewer such as a web browser or going to your desktop or minimizing the SL viewer.  The SL viewer then fails to regain foreground priority until your relog.   Sometimes it can take an hour for this problem to show itself, sometimes just a few minutes.

Linden Lab are aware of the issue, and their developers are actively pursuing a resolution for the problem.  However, at the time of writing this, the only workaround they can suggest is to consider uninstalling the hotfix patch from Microsoft.

If you cannot wait for a resolution to this, which now seems likely to be a further fix from Microsoft, and you are feeling brave, here is a guide to removing updates:

There is also a thread to follow on the Microsoft site, specific to this issue.  Although it says it affects Firestorm, the Lab confirms it is all viewers with this update:  severe performance issues on Firestorm viewer

You can also follow the issue on the Firestorm Jira:

There is now a LL JIRA for this issue.

extra note:
Please be aware that whilst the workaround of uninstalling KB3176938 does solve the framerate issue, if like me, you have always had Cortana disabled, the removal will of KB3176938 will  trigger it to become activated.

One of the 'features' of the Anniversary update was to remove the "off" switch for Cortana and once activated, it cannot be turned off again without hacking the registry.

14th September

If you removed KB3176938 alas the frame rate problem returns on the update KB3176938 released last night.  The patch is cumulative, meaning that it gives you all the updates to date.  If you are therefore missing KB3176938 because you removed it, it will be included in the patch from last night.

You can follow this direct link to the MS trouble-shooter which allows you to Show or Hide updates from your PC:

You can run the troubleshooter and uninstall the patches as described here:

As previously explained, unrolling the updates will enable Cortana if you previously had it disabled, because a 'feature' of the Anniversary Update was to remove your ability to turn it off.

However by following this Registry Edit which I can confirm works as I have done it myself, will turn Cortana off in Windows 10 Anniversary.   Every caution should be taken when editing the registry.  Check and double check you have made any alterations correctly and back up your registry before meddling with it!

Friday, March 04, 2016

Remembering Latif Khalifa

Latif Khalifa has passed away, aged just 46 years old.

Latif was a talented and major contributor to Second Life.

You may not have known him well, but you most certainly know the coding he wrote because the chances are, it still exists in a lot of the viewers we all use today.

Latif was the owner/developer of the popular Radegast SL client and one of the top developers for the Singularity viewer until he stepped down in 2014.   Later in 2014 he went on to create Replex Viewer a v1.23 based client, but this project was cut short due to poor health.

He was also a significant contributor to opensims which was his main passion.

His parter Kristina Deschanel, writes on his profile:  Latif Khalifa R.I.P---1970. - 2016.
Forever in our thoughts and hearts... The sky has got another star, that's going to light up with the rest of the universe. Rest in peace  my Love
We offer our condolences to his family and friends.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Server Side Baking Blues?

Going from Phoenix to Singularity SSB?
For information about customising FIRESTORM see the Resources Tab above, 3rd story down

So you have made the leap from Phoenix to Firestorm?   Well done you!

If you haven't.... or you cannot get to grips with Firestorm despite my wonderful article in "Resources", then Singularity with SSB may well be the cure for what ails you!

Firestorm is very much like Phoenix when set to the Phoenix mode.  You can customise it even more closely with my settings, but it does still lack some functionality that was enjoyed in Phoenix.
Little things, but annoying things.. Keyword alerts not working in background, UUID not supported in Estate and Local access listing, bad highlighting in edit, strange editor for scripting, Radar needing to be clicked 3 times to make it alphabetical, inability to view/moderate group chat by who has spoken most recently, non proportional tab widths in chat etc etc.

Singularity is the closest viewer you will get to the old Phoenix viewer.  It is virtually identical and the only differences I have spotted are on the radar button, otherwise it seems the same, which is hardly surprising considering both viewers were forked from Snowglobe.

However, they both share the same bug, which is the inability to point their settings away from:
C:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\secondlife and try as I might I cannot get phoenix to point to "phoenix" and singularity to point to "singularity" in the directory above, it seems that "secondlife" is hardcoded into the settings.

It doesn't matter too much, unless you use both viewers!   If you use both viewers, expect some strange results as one will corrupt the "per user" settings on the other, or you will find Singularity does all the logon stuff and the very instant you think you have arrived in-world, it quits to desktop.   Phoenix on the other hand will dump many of the tweaks you have added, like keyword alerts, auto-responses etc.

My advice is to use either Phoenix or Singularity and NEVER both on your system at a time.

If you are moving from Phoenix to Singularity (or want to give Singularity a thorough road test) here's how:

Remove the desktop shortcut.. You don't want to undo all your hard work by accidently launching Phoenix!

Since Phoenix is now defunct as it will not support SSB and Singularity supports Server Side Baking, my work around was to rename the directory to C:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\secondlife-phoenix to mothball my old settings and chats (which I can copy across later).   Now on starting Singularity, I can be assured that only Singularity is using the directory C:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\secondlife thus preserving my settings from corrupting.

If for any reason I find that Singularity is unworkable for me and I want to return to Phoenix from where I left off, I can safely delete C:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\secondlife  and rename C:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\secondlife-phoenix back to C:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\secondlife

By following the steps in the Firestorm guide (See the Resources Tab at the top of this page), you can also copy across the old Phoenix fonts and make the viewer absolutely identical!

I am told that you can copy the language files from Phoenix too if English is not your native language.

Happy fiddling!

PS: If rezzing is slow and grey forever, go to the Network tab and uncheck "Use HTTP for Textures"