Friday, March 04, 2016

Remembering Latif Khalifa

Latif Khalifa has passed away, aged just 46 years old.

Latif was a talented and major contributor to Second Life.

You may not have known him well, but you most certainly know the coding he wrote because the chances are, it still exists in a lot of the viewers we all use today.

Latif was the owner/developer of the popular Radegast SL client and one of the top developers for the Singularity viewer until he stepped down in 2014.   Later in 2014 he went on to create Replex Viewer a v1.23 based client, but this project was cut short due to poor health.

He was also a significant contributor to opensims which was his main passion.

His parter Kristina Deschanel, writes on his profile:  Latif Khalifa R.I.P---1970. - 2016.
Forever in our thoughts and hearts... The sky has got another star, that's going to light up with the rest of the universe. Rest in peace  my Love
We offer our condolences to his family and friends.

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