Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Singularity Beta update

The Singularity team are back in Beta development, squashing some bugs and adding some features. The first such patch/nightly build/beta (call it what you will, was released last night).  

Fixes for Build: 8419

An issue with persistent notifications, it should make startup faster! There's now MaxPersistentNotifications to cap how many are stored.

A rare shutdown crash.

The method of loading of texture precache list.

We no longer use http for the login splash page, so on grids that use https splash page, it won't fail to load!

RLVa is now pretending to be a higher version (we don't support everything in that version yet, but we do support a lot of it).

Missing strings added to mesh preview floater.

Dimensions text in mesh preview floater will no longer be cut off.

DAE import is now better (and supports DAE files made using MAXON Cinema 4D, and Model-space transformations are applied to skinned model and bind shape matrix.

httpS audio streams are now allowed.

Offline item deliveries fix has been added from upstream (receive inventory when you are not online).

The installer will no longer be annoying about VLC.


Shyotl optimized some rendering stuff so it should make things faster

These dependencies have been updated: openjpeg

Grab the 'nightly' build here: Nightly Builds

If you already run the Beta and there's no reason not to always run it, as it always matches a release somewhere along the line, you can just download it and install it over the top of your existing version.

Running the Beta always seems the best option as you can roll forward and backwards with releases you like the best, rather be set in stone with the full release which tends to happen on an annual basis.

If you are moving from the Release to the Beta, you will need to copy your settings (preferences)  to keep your settings:

Open a Command Prompt:  WindowsKey + R, then type CMD and press enter.

cd  %appdata%\secondlife\user_settings     (Press Enter)

copy settings_singularity.xml settings_singularitybeta.xml  (Press Enter)

You should now be good to go.

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