Monday, February 15, 2021

Substation tarted up

A Second Life estate is very much like repainting the Forth Bridge.  Each time you complete a building project, you notice something else that has become a bit neglected. 

Substation was one such case.  The beloved club in the disused Hobbs End station was at least five years old and was crying out for modernisation, whilst preserving the original feel of the underground.

We hope you will like the new innards, some of which should be subtle enough to go unnoticed as intended.

In other news, we've finally reset the prize in the Poker game and its all to play for!   Highest score in 99 hours from now, will win this stunning picture of the delightful Beverly Sisters, for your bedroom wall.  Imagine that, the Bevs looking over you while you sleep. How creepy.

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