Thursday, October 06, 2022

New Halloween Freebies

FreeHalloween Goodies for All Body types!

Hooray for the lovely people at No-Shot for these fabulous his and hers spooky Halloween Hoodies!
Available for all body types including standard,  these hoodies will keep your chestnuts warm this scary season! 

For these and other Halloween Freebies, visit the Freebie Megastore!

Talking of fur coat and no knickers..
Imagine how shocked we were to discover a lack of ladies underwear for the Free Altamura bodies and clothing offered in London City.

Also, just imagine how we found out!   Well panic not!  Ladies no longer need to scurry around with a hand on their ha'penny fearing embarrassment from a gust of wind irreparably damaging their reputation.

The lovely people at No Shot, have made these wonderful undies especially for Altamura, complete with a colour change HUD, so your collars and cuffs can always match.  And they are available in the Freebie Megastore as a Free Gift.

Thank you No Shot for saving our dignity.

 Collect them here:

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