Sunday, February 06, 2011

Madame Lala: Proud Of Opening

Opening Night at Madame Lala's, West End.  Mainland London.

At Midnight UK (4pm SLT) Madame Lala's Revue Club opened to critical acclaim to a mass of brand new faces as well as regulars in the Mainland London Comminity.

A hush came over the audience as the presence of Lala herself was felt as she walked seductively into the brand new Nightclub and simply said "Hello, I am Madame Lala, enjoy the carabet".

The night got off to a great start with everyone dancing and singing along to West End and Broadway show tunes, whilst chatting and flirting with the scantily dressed Bar Staff, known as "Barbettes".

At 1am UK (5pm SLT) the deminutive form of Judy Garland dressed in her trademark black leggings and bright oriental style jacket, took to the stage and sang for her supper and how how hard she sang.  Belting numbers like Putting On The Ritz, to demonstrating her tenderness and refrain whilst singing "The Man Who Got Away"

Judy enjoyed a wonderfully warm reception by the audience and afterwards had a couple of bottles of Gin with her adoring fans then slipped away into the night.

The audience continues to party well into the night and were still going strong at 4am when Madame Lala packed up for the night.

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