Monday, January 24, 2011

The New User Experience

Mainland London is proud to announce the opening of the New User Experience in Regent's Park. Already a new resident friendly area, Regent's Park has been expanded to encompass many of the elements missing in most independently run New User Experience areas.

Those who are new to Second Life will find more than a dozen information boards geared towards Viewer 2 and detail some of the more in-depth facilities of the viewer. This information is invaluable for a more immersive experience and enables both new and existing players to enjoy a deeper and more fulfilling Second Life.

Here in Mainland London we believe in giving those new to Second Life a leg up. Instead of just giving them a hand out, the New User Experience in Regent's Park is interactive. New residents can win excellent quality gifts at the Lucky Boards in the Cafe. These boards contain such gifts as complete avatars that include a new shape, skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and accessories for a brand new look. You can also win much needed gadgets like the Radar HUD that not only tells you who is nearby, but also allows you to fly to new heights in Second Life. Sports cars, bicycles and clothes are just a few of the items available.

Several days a week visitors to the New User Experience in Regent's Park can take part in a game of skill known as the Cash Canon! If you're unfamiliar with the game you should drop by the park and have a go, it’s a riot!

If all this isn't enough, new residents can also get personal assistance with any and all aspect of Second Life. We have many experienced Second Life residents on hand who are ready and willing to help in a friendly and outgoing manner. These residents are here to assist new players on their journey through Second Life and impart the knowledge they have gained over the years in an effort to enrich fledgling players and get them off to a good start.

We are seeking bright, fun and friendly people to work in Regents Park as 'Park Greeters'. Each day more than 100 new residents land here for the first time. Many need help. If you are willing to share some of your time and experience, please notecard Torric Rodas or Billy Arentire for details. Knowledge of Viewer 2 essential. This post suits experienced residents.

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