Monday, August 01, 2011

Weekend in Review

What a wild weekend in London will take me all week to recover!  The weekend got of to a truly hectic start on Friday evening.  Usually there is a party in Bar Soho with me as host (takes a bow), but we relocated to the Regent's Park as the party was only the start of the evenings entertainment.  So we kicked off with Best in Pink and then we had the first of two concerts - Simon and Garfunkel.  We then went from the sublime to the ridiculous with Abba!

Benny, Frida, Agnetha and Bjorn take to the stage
Saturday saw the Bee Gees take to the main stage in Regent's Park for a concert that had the crowd singing along - their vocal cords lubricated by the near infamous Soho Beer.'s the Bee Gees resplendent in white suits and big hair
On Sunday we had our usual chill out day until a fabulous 50s party got underway at Comptons pub.  It felt like we were travelling in time as earlier in the week we had a Roaring 20s night at Madame Lala's London Revue - truly the first time I have been to an event in Second Life where everyone has sat on the bar drinking tea...  The highlight of the fabulous fifties night was a live performance from a very talented singer by the name of Brian Narstrom, who performed a selection of smooth songs to round off the weekend in a perfect style.

The fantastic Mr Brian Narstrom

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