Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hellllo London  City, how you doin?
I know, I know, I'm late blogging, and I'm sorry, Life is pretty hectic at the moment in  London City, fantastic events, huge festive concerts, new clubs, new residents, new staff.... you name it, it's all happening here.... and how fabulous.
The whole team have pulled out all the stops this month to make  this years  SL Christmas  the best ever!!!
So, make sure you are part of it,  Look out for note cards  and billboards listing all the fun to be had.

Merry Christmas  form you  London City team xxxx

So you  log  in to SL, then head to the best destination ....London City, where there's 4 sims  of fantastic fun to be had.

We meet up in the hub, the hub is a bustling metropolis of Avatar's chatting and dancing and having fun, this is a great place to meet new friends and getting chatting to other residents of  London  City.
 Then its time to head to one of our Clubs for a great night out.

You could head to The Worlds End  Pub.
Hosted by  Katty, and  Coffee Queen, this bubbly pair have bingo, truth or dare, events and great music, if you want to sample a real life  British  Pub in  SL, this is the destination to choose.

OR, Feeling in  a Retro mood,

you could start your evening in Substation, where Roy and his team are waiting to entertain you with music from the 50's and  60's Substation is sure to get your toe tapping, teamed with fun chat and great contest.

 OR, maybe you want to head to Victoria,  our Adult  sim, here the crown springs into action, with great music, and fun contests with an adult theme.

This is a real hoot, where almost anything goes, nice easy relaxed and ever so saucy ... just like we like it  :P

You could also try Bar Soho, cool and swanky, in the heart of Soho,similar to the  RL clubs in London, great music for you to dance to.
There is a different Dj / Host combination  every night to ensure the venue  is fresh and catering to everyone's taste.

Later you could pop along to  Madame  Lala's, based  on the RL Madame  Jojo's, this cosy club  brings glamour and sparkle  to Soho, here you will find  Dj Firece playing a mix of delightful and kitsch tunes with yours truly as host.

OR, you could head back to Victoria, to Juiced.

 Juiced is a singles club with a difference, there are themed contests, where the whole club is transformed to enhance the event, and  the music is also themed  to deliver a full package.

London City also see's  a fantastic  Open Air Concert that's Free to all who attend, but be warned places fill so quickly people have to queue to get in,

 but once there what a fabulous night of free entertainment, where you can see the best RL singers that SL has to offer, or maybe a tribute band , which is always great fun, and this week was no exception,

he was born  March 1930,he grew up in Perth, Western Australia, he is a popular entertainer, musician, song-writer, composer, painter and T.V personality.... can you tell who it is yet ???

That's right the ever popular Rolf Harris AO, CBE.
Yes Aussie  Rolf joined us for an awesome evening of song, and chat, we found ourselves  singing along to "Sun Arise", "Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport" and "two Little Boys" there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

No stranger to London City, it was a pleasure to have Rolf back with us, and we cant wait to see him again soon.

If that wasn't enough for you, there was a great best in Festive contest, where some lucky Resident could win a huge amount of Linden Dollars.

We also have The Arcade, up and running, this event is running once a month, and is a must, for a different scene and more fabulous music.

We also have the new  look  Palladium, where all your adult needs are catered for by gorgeous, flirty, friendly girls, all waiting to meet you, and make your Sl go with a bang!!.

Thats it from me this week, I'll see you next time for more fun and frolics in  London City, the number one destination in SL.

Roving reporter Ruby xxx

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