Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Weekend Review Friday 11th - Sunday 13th January 2013

Hey London  City  what's  new  with  you  ?

Shall  I tell you what's  new  with us?.... well grab a coffee  put ya feet up  5  mins  and  read  on ....

We have great new  staff who have  joined  the already fab Support  team, these  guys  are  there to greet you when you arrive at  London City, and  can  help you get around four  fantastic,  full working, busy sims.

And  talking  of  4  sims,  London  Adult is taking shape and  looks  totally awesome  thanks  to our  builder extraordinaire  Billy  Arentire, the area  is  of  Covent garden and  looks totally fabulous, go take   a  look  you will not  be  disappointed, yet another area  of  London you can virtually visit.

Also  new  to  London  City is  The  New London Palladium Striptease, as  the name  suggests  this is for  adults  who like no strings  fun  in SL.

Gorgeous  dancers  offering  Live steamy chat, for  both  ladies and  gentlemen visiting. It's  opening night was a roaring  success, all kinds  of people coming to hang out, dance  and  interact with the steamy dancers.
If you would  like  to become one of  our dancers  please  IM me  Rubyjones Resident  in - world.

This week end  we saw  Billy  Joel come  take  to the custom built stage  in Regents  Park, Billy  Joel, born William Martin in May 1949, since  his  first  hit release "Piano Man" Billy  Joel has  become  one  of  the top 10 recording  artists  in America  of all time, so it was great to see  him in the Top  sim in Second  Life.

He has a world  wide  fan base  and  is  in  the "Songwriters Hall Of Fame".
Billy  Joel took to the stage  at  9pm uk time, and sang an hours worth of his greatest hits, "Uptown Girl", "Just The Way  You Are", "An Innocent  Man" to name a few, the park was packed, people TPing in as fast as  they could  to get a good  spot  on  the dance floor, dressed  in  "Best In Rocker" the atmosphere was alive  with fun  loving people enjoying themselves.

As always London City is a metropolis of Live events, Great  clubs and  Pubs, just like  the Real  London City, there is always  something happening, life  is never  dull... and with all 4 Sims actively busy  its easy to see why London  City is the Number 1 destination  in SL.

There is literally something  here for everyone,  it might be chatting with friends  in 1 of our hubs, dancing  the night away with Live dj's  playing anything from 60's classics in  Substation, or Bar  Soho  offering a different genre  of  music  each night, from  the latest  chart releases to Hardcore Dance music, if  you cant find  it  in Bar Soho its  not worth  listening to!, or maybe  you  like  your  evening  themed  as  in  Juiced the chameleon club  that changes  d├ęcor every night to suit the very different themes  to  the norm, plus  music  to match you can really get engrossed and have  fun.

Maybe  you  like  more  of a fun chatty pub,  like   a  local,  The Worlds End  is  the place  for  you, bingo, pub quizzes chat and  dancing, a great place  to meet people and  have  fun. Or maybe  the  The crown  is  for  you with  more adult  themes and  no strings  fun, full of  great people living  the dream.

Then we have  Madame  Lala's based  on real  life  Madame  Jojo's, this  is a great place  for fun cheeky banter, with  Dj Fierce playing an array of  songs that really gets  your foot tapping.

All in all London  City is  your  home from  home, friendly  staff, awesome  venues, great concerts, if  you want to sample real  life London without leaving  your seat this is the place  to be xxx

So that's  all form me this week, I'll see you soon for  more  fun and  frolics in the best sim in Second  Life xx

Roving  Reporter Ruby xxx


Anonymous said...

I was told that you will ban people that work on your sim if they work for other people in SL, is this true?

Anonymous said...

No that is not true. People come and go in SL all the time and if someone moves on to something else we wish them well.

If they were to leave London City and then try to take people out of this estate to somewhere else, then that is a different matter and we would treat them the same way we treat any other poacher, to protect our interests. Thankfully this seldom happens.
- Torric