Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yes! We hear you

Having London City 'Voice Enabled', has been a real eye opener and by and large, very successful.

With hundreds of people piling in to hear other regulars on voice for the first time, each eager to have their say and show the personality behind their avatar.   We have had some splendid evenings and some extremely funny comedy moments throughout this trial.

Then as time progressed, the voice trolls would come and have some fun winding people up, talking in strange accents where you just know you're being recorded for another of those 'hilarious' YouTube videos, where the guy says bums and titties every thirty seconds and everyone else gets very cross and gives him the reaction he craves for his latest film.

But the show stoppers were the people who keyed their microphones and just talked.  And they talk and talk and talk.  Never stopping for an instant, never listening for a response, they drone.  Incessant, indefatigable and without end ... and boring the arses off everyone who had the misfortune to encounter them.   What's more, as people start moving away to give their ears a rest from this infernal slavering of gums, they get pursued for more ear bashing.  It is true.  Empty vessels make the most noise.

That said, the ability to have voice is sheer bliss, finest cabaret and a joy to have this opt-in and opt-out layer of entertainment... so long as you can opt out.

Here in London we want to keep the customer satisfied and we recently held polls, over three weeks in three bouts to ensure an accurate representation of feelings: 191 (46%) of voters thought Voice being on was Good and 222 (54%) thought it was Bad.

With the opinion poll being so close, clearly this is something we will review from time to time to ensure we are still representing the majority.

So it's the end of an ear ache as voice gets hobbled in London City(1) for now, but all is not lost. Last Sunday, we turned on our fifth region.  It is attached to the hub area London City and it has Voice Enabled!    It is not fully built yet, but the voice area is up and running and it is on the doorstep of the London City hub.

To use voice, just cross the bridge, there is a whole new region waiting to hear you.

Bring your earplugs and see you on YouTube.  More about the new region later.

Please add your comment on this story.  Anonymous comments are enabled and being a popular place we're used to trolls, it won't kill us... feel free to be edited :)

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  1. Well I for one am sad to see voice leave LC1 but out with the old and in with the new. Looking forward to going on and onnnnn and onnnnnnnnnn in the new sim :) (and typing my ass off in the old one too) see you lovely people there!

  2. I found the racism far more offensive than the bores and I am glad things have returned to normal. Hope it stays off!

  3. well I went there found major trolls going on and us nice people who had to move away from the trolls then the owners let the trolos cary on and banned my group who are kind and asked staff to get the trolls out. then we moved away from the trolls, and the trolls followed. so I decited to say I had a quiet place to go. and the good people followed me. and the owners got mad. while the trolls remained. get this the owners went to my sym got my name and banned everyone from my huge group. and until now and still going on people who are on other syms that go there are getting banned from there with no reason. I feel discriminated as also I like to sym hoping to other syms. as do others like to do that and they are trying to keep people there. this land is not user frequently. well to all they say it is PRIVATE SYM, NOT PUBLIC? and they can troll us and get away with it. I did nothing to them and because I had a huge group, all my groups got banned from there and we did nothing to them. all because a troll they left there mentioned my name. this is a shame. and have the gull to come to my land and get my name and group so he could bann everyone I had on my group.

  4. "so I decited to say I had a quiet place to go. and the good people followed me. and the owners got mad."
    Sounds like you were poaching and got mad when they caught you. Wonders why you are so bothered about it when you such a "huge" group?