Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sit on Santa's lap

The adorable, slightly randy and alcoholic gentleman who has played Santa for us for the past four years in London City, has returned once again to spread (and drink) Christmas cheer to the visitors of the most popular estate in Second Life.

Would you sit on this mans lap?
Our very own Chris Kringle has been hard at it all year (making presents) and absolutely ready and willing to slip you a big surprise if you sit on his lap and tell him about all the naughty and nice things you have done this year.  The more detail you give, the bigger your surprise will be.

You can't really miss his grotto as its peppered with gin bottles and discarded mince pies and is located in the New User Area in London City.

Santa's sack is bulging with goodies, collect yours today!

Saturday:  Don't forget, its Glen Campbell's Country Christmas today from 12pm SL (8pm UK), the first of our Christmas Concerts.   Win 500L Best in Christmas!   Full programme of Christmas concerts will be published tomorrow.   Have a great weekend!

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