Saturday, March 01, 2014

Ebbe and Flow

I do think that Alt Berg would have been a much better name than Ebbe Linden.  However Ebbe Altberg, the latest pontiff of Linden Lab, sure is making an early mark on his territory and pissing on lots of lamp posts from the get-go.

Ebbe, not 'umble pie
We wrote to Ebbe a couple of weeks back explaining the insane Jira system, where all of us can report a bug but never ever be able to see if it was going to be fixed as all Jira's had become a secret under the lead of Rod Humble.

Turning around just about everything his predecessor Rod Humble did, which wasn't actually very much, except some rather odd Tetris style games marketed under the labs name and turning off the transparency of the Jira,  our latest saviour Ebbe is already gaining some popularity in the world.  The Jira will be visible to everyone once again next week.   Good on you Ebbe.

It is true that a lot of land barons are snapping up regions in large batches at vastly higher values than the usual quick sale price.  This raises speculation that there is a new price-break to be announced. Perhaps 300 regions costs the same as 200 in old money.  Maybe LL is raising some cash to spend on things.  Some advertising would be nice.

If Ebbe decides to lower tiers on us mortals, said barons could have more than a little egg on their faces after such a hefty land rush without any particular public pledges being made as to the way this ship will ultimately be steered.   That said, if tiers did fall, Land Barons would have a lot more regions to sell for profit.

Definitely some interesting times ahead and those with an extreme level of investment in Second Life are showing a vote of confidence in our new leader.  

We have also suggested to Ebbe, that since we are all in this together, that the economy metrics became transparent again, so that we can all see just how much growth there is, or how much trouble we are all collectively in.   If Ebbe was to turn on the metrics again, that really would prove that he thinks he has a sound battle plan to bring the grid back in to prosperity and some of us may trust his vision enough to grow our estates.

Good luck to you Ebbe, we're all counting on you.

cc: Ebbe Linden

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