Friday, August 08, 2014

London City Enters Advanced Creator Tools Project Beta

London City is proud to have been invited to join the closed beta for the Linden Lab Experience Keys/Advanced Creator Tools Project.  We are one of the first estates in the grid to have been accorded this honour.

Experience keys will enable us to offer you a more seamless and immersive experience when visiting London City and they have now gone live throughout London City.

For example, on themed nights we can offer you inventory to wear for the time that you are visiting, without cluttering your inventory.  An item can be offered to you which attaches during your visit and automatically detaches when you leave the estate without ever become part of your inventory.

During a cash hunt, we can offer you a Hud that gives clues to locations of treasure, which detaches and self cleans as soon as you are finished with it, or the contest ends.  In short, no more having to accept an item and wear it in a special location, this can all be done automatically in the wink of an eye.

Our initial offering is a portal system, similar to those that new residents encounter when they first join Second Life.  Our portals can teleport you directly to an event or location anywhere, just by you walking through them, no cumbersome permission requests over and over, just say yes once and the permission is remembered whenever you visit, unless you decide to opt out again via the Me > Experiences menu which will be appearing on all viewers very soon.

Initially you will not even require an Experience enabled viewer to take advantage of this great new feature.  Your existing viewer can handle these permissions for you.

Try out our first Portal in London City(1). On the first time you use it, it will ask permissions, but remember them from that point.   Once in London City3, use the portal there, to return. 

We hope you enjoy this and other Advanced Creator offerings coming very soon.

London City - The Most Popular Destination in Second Life

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