Sunday, November 09, 2014

London City Exclusive - Immersive Weather Experience: Winter

You will have experienced the Immersive Weather Experience for Summer whilst visiting London City.
We are proud to present the Immersive Weather Experience for Winter!

Traditional weather systems rely on the use of particles which invariably remain as grey unrezzed blocks swamping the local area for up to a minute, sometimes even longer and lack the finesse that is available via modern specular mapping.

The London City Immersive Weather Experience is extremely low lag (far lower than any particle system)  and uses two single multifaceted mesh prims to draw in the weather (be it rain or sunshine glistening on the pavement and now sleet and snow) in the wink of an eye, using photo realistic animated texturing, with support for the Advanced Lighting Model.

Seeing is believing so... You can check out this new system for yourself with scheduled flurries lasting five minutes each at: 11.45am, 3.45pm, 7.45pm, 11.45pm (UK times) each day here:

As soon as we are completely happy with the performance of this new system, we will bring it to the Market Place.  For now, you can experience it exclusively in London City.

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