Sunday, February 08, 2015

All aboard the Party Bus

After a sell out show by Our Cilla, visitors to London City are in the mood for more!

Every Saturday after the main concert, the Party Bus pulls along side the concert area, to take revellers on to the next destination, Juiced, where they can party into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Don't worry if the bus is full, you can perch yourself on the roof and hang on tight as they do in so many other countries.  Billy will do the rest.  He will drive you smoothly and effortlessly to the next destination, so you scarcely miss a beat of the music.

In the event of any mishaps, rest assured our driver is fully insured on a cover note from 1987. If you are nervous, ask the driver for a pint of gin, on the house.

Some great scenic views of London City en route to Juiced. Free Elastoplast with every voyage.
The Party bus will pick you up and won't let you down.

Safe and Sound.  The party animals arrive at Juiced, with only minor injuries and thanks to some emergency triage by MJ, most were able to hobble around the dance floor with barely a crutch or traction machine in sight.

Thank you for flying with London City public transport.

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