Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How was your day?

The hub in Regent's Park Soho just gets busier and busier...
It is a great place to meet in the early evening UK times (around 10am SL) and broadcast to the nation just how great (or not) your day was.

A fun and friendly crowd await news of your day, every day here:

Then from 11am SL (7pm UK) try your luck at Worlds End Bingo.  Cash prizes and totally free to enter.   Live DJ and meat and potato pies.  What more could anyone ever wish for?   Teleport:

1 comment:

Lokiray said...

Well my day started with a nice stroll through to the park to the welcome hub for good old chat and a cup of java. I was greeted by a Scottish rabbit playing cards against humanity with some friends. 4 coffees later i threw on some glitter and glam and had a sashe on down to Madame lalas for the world famous time tunnel with Jon temple where i guessed correct on both sessions. Stayed there sipping red wine with the finest men and women of London until the early hours. Perfect day.