Friday, June 09, 2017


The power grab election that did not pay off.

Theresa May, so sure that she would grab a bigger majority for her government and the mandate she felt she needed to force a hard Brexit, has failed in her mission and instead, created a hung parliament.

This disastrous result means that Theresa May will no doubt resign in a few hours time, but more likely in a few weeks time.. then present us with a new knight in armor, Boris Johnson.  The Conservatives with amble on for a few months in number 10 with all kinds of power share agreements with the minority Unionists and will then take us to the polls once again, for yet another General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn, who was expected to be decimated in this election, has had the most successful result for labour in recent years and is almost guaranteed to stand again when Britain goes back to the polls one more time...

Too many more of these elections and I'm going to be running a groove in the road on my way to vote.   What a way to start the weekend!

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