Monday, October 30, 2017

Second Life Premium Offier

Try a premium account for 12 weeks, for just $11.25 (£8.50)

During this time you will receive:

300L per week stipend
Priority teleports
Linden home or 512m land
Expanded Support
Premium only gifts
Access to premium areas
Increased cap from 20 to 50 on IMs
Increased amounts of groups
Voice Morphing

Don't miss the offer, head here now for more info:



I have a premium account and went to London, to visit and to shop, just like this ad says I can do, and instead was banned while shopping and no reason given to me, and when I asked for help was treated rudely by the support guy, and I notice these false advertisements are all over the internet in many locations, now, I hope that real world London see the horrid way that this game represents them and bans visitors for no reason, and I hope real world London treats SL London from this website as rudely as they treat people trying to enjoy London in SL, and I will be letting millions of people know I feel this way about the way I was treated there


London City is the most popular destination on the Second Life virtual world grid. Closely following real life events in London as they happen, our 3D recreation, with themed events, competitions, concerts and community participation is a great way to meet friends across the internet and form lasting friendships, this is posted on the ad and on the internet, with this link, I have a premium member account and went to this advertised location and found myself banned and treated rudely by the support that has control over this issue there, If real world London knew this is the horrid way that SL London represents London they would ban these evil people from Real London, In London SL they have created ban lines all over and do not allow other groups from london into this area, I did not know that, I am a visitor from the USA, but as a shopper and a visitor here am shocked by the horrid and rude way they treat people, when I asked them why I was banned while shopping, they said because they do not allow other groups there, I asked them to join me to the group that is allowed there, instead they told me to appeal a ban, then I find this ad on my facebook indexes, and many videos on my you tube indexes and them using my network streams, Well I should ban them from all these things, but will tell millions of people how they treated me, because of they did this to me, they can do it to anyone, I also noticed they have very few followers anywhere, after the way they treated me, I now know why.