Wednesday, December 11, 2019

UK General Election

Here we go again!  Our fixed term parliament act means that we should only go to the polls every five years, and yet, this will be our third General election since 2015.  Coupled with voting in the European elections, the referendum, and the usual local elections, some of us are beginning to run a groove in the road between our homes and the polling station.

It looks like it will come down to an A or B vote at this General Election, on Thursday in the UK.

The Liberal Democrats who got off to a flying start, somewhat shot themselves in the foot by saying a vote for them would mean a vote for remaining in the EU, without so much as a second referendum.  Although it sounded good at first, people started to feel that it was more than slightly undemocratic to cancel Brexit without asking the people first, and their support soon waned.

The Brexit Party decided they would form an alliance with the Conservatives, without ever establishing if it was reciprocal and their support took a tumble.

So, we are left with the two main parties.   The Conservatives with a strong message of "Get Brexit Done", which is their commitment, should they achieve a majority government, or Labour, who say they will negotiate a new trade deal with the EU, and then vote against their own deal, in a sort of half-in, half-out agreement, with free broadband thrown in everyone in the UK.  Sadly, Government owned (and monitored?) internet doesn't seem to appeal much to the voters.

Whoever you decide to vote for,  good luck with your choice.  Polls open  onThursday at 7am and remain open until 10pm.

You can discuss the General Election at our Election Special Voice event in the main hub in London City from 2pm SL time (10pm UK) on Thursday.

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