Sunday, February 09, 2020

It's packing quite a wallop

As I write this, rain is pouring down the window, like one of those 1940's movies, where you think the effects are over the top, but its true, walls of water are running down the brickwork.

Hurricane Ciara is currently in London (and throughout the UK) and is whistling 3 eerie notes constantly, at the same time.  Trash cans and bits of unsecured fence are tumbleweeding down the road and out of sight.

An old lady in a blue raincoat and plastic rain hat, has just sped past at about 30 miles an hour, with legs moving like a propeller.   I doubt she has managed speeds anything like this in the past forty years.

And now its getting dark and the wind is showing no signs of abating.  Aren't you glad you stayed indoors?  London City is definitely the place to be during this latest threat of Armageddon.

Keep Safe!

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