Friday, September 24, 2021

Michaelmas Party!

Oh my goodness, here we are again at one of the most exciting non-events of the year.  It's Michaelmas!   Happy Michaelmas everyone!

It is Michaelmas (pronounced mickle-mas).
The feast of the Saints and the start of the season leading up to Christmas.

So here in London City, we'd like to be the first people to wish you season's greetings for a great Michaelmas.

Inconveniently, Michaelmas Eve is on Tuesday the 28th September and that means Michaelmas Day itself is on Wednesday.

So we're holding a Michaelmas Event today at Madam Lala's, with DJ Bailey playing her collection of two Michaelmas songs from 1pm SLT, and what is more we'll be holding a special event tomorrow.

Any excuse for a drink eh?   Oh I wish it could be Michaelmas every-daa-aay!

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