Wednesday, April 06, 2022

How to cure anxiety - NHS 'Game Change' via Virtual World

Virtual reality therapy has successfully been used to treat NHS patients with severe anxiety and agoraphobia in a trial led by Oxford University.

The immersive technology helped them move from a “housebound existence to life back in the world outside”, according to a study published 5th April 2022, in The Lancet Psychiatry.

Social Avoidance is a huge issue which has been greatly acerbated in the past few years due to world events, but no one should ever need to feel isolated, due to a wealth of similar like-minded people, who can all connect with each other and enjoy the fun and connectivity of a virtual world.

'Second Life' by Linden Lab is the largest virtual world and will shortly be in it's 20th year.  It is fully inclusive and offers its users, called Residents, the opportunity to engage with people anywhere in the world, using Avatars that represent the persona they are or would wish to be,  build friendships, relationships, visit attractions, events, concerts, and most importantly, interact from the comfort of their own home.    

You do not need a headset and viewers support PC, Mac, Linux and some mobile devices.

You can create an account here

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