Sunday, July 24, 2022

A soft launch for Genesis Viewer

We have been working on a new project,  The Genesis Viewer.

This 1.23 style viewer already offers features only seen in v6 style clients, but we are adding features all the time to make this viewer the 'go-to' for laptop users who need high performance and low footprint to get the best experience in Second Life.

We are still in initial development, but this is where you can help.   The latest version is already robust, but now we need your input as users, to hone us in the right direction for the needs of the many..

We currently only have an original legacy skin, but rest assured that although we intend to always offer support for this style, our own unique Genesis skin is on its way.

There is an inworld group and a Discord for those of you who would like to help with testing or offering ideas for features.   Get on board now and see your name in lights :)

Please see the GENESIS tab at the top of the blog for more information or to download the viewer.

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