Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Genesis Viewer RELEASE 1.5.764

We very much hope that our current testers will continue to use the Nightly Builds. It is thanks to their testing that we can find and fix issues quickly. Those on the Nightly build will always get features and fixes quicker than the Releases.  This release build is identical to the Nightly build of the same number.

Changes since Release: 1.4.706


- Search and Replace links in 'saved outfits' to globally update all outfits.  
Scenario: when a mesh body has been updated, you would search the old link in an outfit, right click it and 'replace link' with the new object, which will create new links throughout your 'wardrobe', replacing the original link.  

- Search and Delete links: You can also delete a link entirely through-out saved outfits.  Scenario, you have a non-bento item that has accidentally been saved throughout your wardrobe and you don't want it any more.

- Customise your friendship requests in Prefs > Adv. Chat setting a new default message when offering friendship. (Left blank, it defaults to 'Would you like to be my friend?', in your chosen language.

- Drag and Drop inventory from one tab to another.
Example: You are in 'Recent' tab and wish to move an item into your "all" tab.  Click and drag the item to the 'All items' tab.  This will change your active tab, and whilst still holding the mouse button, locate where you wish to place the item in your folders and drop it in there.

- Hit Boxes for combat players.  Toggle on/off with Alt+Shift+B

- Group notices can now either display at the top left, middle or top right.  Handy if you frequently get dialog boxes about payments opening over the top of your notices (when set to default, right).  Prefs > Genesis > Adv. Features

- Graphics Quality presets are now available by using /setdebug gestures.  Please collect the Gesture pack from the Genesis main-store.  You can also create your own including effects, windlight and more. (You must enable, Prefs > Adv. Chat: Chat/IM and enable "set /debug".

- Right clicking a person's name in their profile opens a menu subsystem including ability to Abuse Report with name already filled in on report.

- Ability to Abuse Report by right-clicking a Resident's name in any text chat, IM or group IM.

- Ability to constantly have Frames Per Second on screen via, Prefs > Genesis > Adv. Features "display FPS on screen" and tick to show at the top of the screen or un-ticked for bottom (default).

- Active (voice) Speakers can additionally be controlled by clicking the chevrons ">>" in the local chat floater.  This setting will persist through relog, until you choose otherwise.
Click the persons name in the right side panel for moderation and adjusting individual volume for that resident.


- "..is typing bug", when no one is typing!  Although if a user presses the space-bar or a character and does not send the message, it will still appear.

- Fixed FPS appearing in snapshot mode :)

- Fixed annoying typo's when initialising cache system.


- Don't log group notices to genesis.log they are irrelevant.

- Fetch recent chat history, only if it is Group Chat and not private IM, because this is already handled locally in Viewer Preferences / chat logging options.

- Removed more chunks of Opensim code for optimising Genesis for SL.  Still much more spaghetti to unravel.  Opensim code is a bit like Norton's,  it exists everywhere.

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