London City hosts many estate wide events, parties, concerts and games.  The weekend concert and party is on Saturday at 12pm SL time (8pm UK).

Information about all our events are posted on the Home Page of this blog.

Additionally the estate has nightclubs, pubs and wine bars trading at regular times on regular days:

Bar Soho

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

11am - 1pm SL Time
(7pm - 9pm UK)

Energetic Nightclub with fantastic themed events.  Friendly and lively atmosphere playing club music. This friendly venue is fully staffed with resident and guest DJs,

Visit Bar Soho

Madame Lala's

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

1pm - 3pm SL Time
(9pm - 11pm UK)

Staffed by the famous Barbettes, this Revue often has cabaret acts. This high class, camp and tasteful club is based on real life Soho.

Visit Madame Lala's

Worlds End Pub

Wednesdays and Sundays

11am - 3pm SL Time
(7pm - 11pm UK)

The oldest pub in all of London. This bright and breezy pub has some wonderful characters visiting to relax and spend some time together. Quizzes and Bingo on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Visit World's End

Crown Wine Bar


11am - 1pm SL Time
(7pm - 9pm UK)

Retro tunes on Sundays with live DJ and 24 hours: Earn Linden Dollars in a fun way with a nice crowd of people.  The Crown Wine Bar has it all!   Cash Dropper, Cash Lucky Chairs, Pool Table and regular entertainment.

Visit The Wine Bar

Edge Gay Dance Bar and Churchills are currently being refurbished.

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