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Commercial Premises: London City is the most popular destination in Second Life.  With 70 stores, this is the number one place for shoppers to visit.

Residential Land Plots: For Residents, you can rent land plots in picturesque locations and build your very own dream home.  We also have smaller houseboat rentals available for those residents wishing to rent a smaller pad.

The following commercial properties are available:

Stores in London City

The following residential properties are available:

Houses and Land Plots in London City (Non-Commercial Use)

About Private (Residential Land Plot) Parcel Settings:

London City offers Land Parcels so you can build your own home.

You will need to rez inside the boundaries of your parcel and in your land group.  Items will be returned to you after 5 minutes if they are not rezzed in the correct land group or if they are outside the parcel.

Parcel Boundary Lines

To see your parcel boundaries:

SL Viewer and Firestorm: World > Show More > Property Lines
Singularity:  View > Property Lines

About Land

You can control your parcel from the setting at the top of your viewer called "About Land"

Primitive Usage: The amount of prims you have available and in brackets, prims available.
Object Owners: Click refresh to see a list of objects by all owners.  Click the name to highlight the objects.   You can return whole swathes of objects from here, so be very careful when using this option.

You can enter your music stream info into Music URL.
Sound: Enable "Restrict" for sound privacy (to and from) your parcel.
Voice: Select Parcel Channel for privacy in your parcel or disabled for no voice.
(Setting this to estate channel is not recommended, you will hear voice from outside and your voice will also carry to the rest of the region).

Access is the key privacy setting for your land.

Allow Public Access:   On - Anyone can enter unless on the ban list. (You can limit public access to those with payment info on file, which cuts down on troll visits). 

When Public Access is turned Off: Only those in your Allowed Residents list (or those in your group) can enter the plot.

Banned Residents: This is where you add your problem visitors.   If your problem visitor is an ex-friend and they are also in your land group, be sure to eject them from the land group too.

Not everyone needs a ban, you can right click any resident who is in your parcel and either Freeze or Eject them.   You cannot stop them from standing outside your parcel, but by default "See and Chat" is set to private, so they cannot see you and you cannot see them.
If you need "See and Chat" changed, contact an administrator.

 Deeding Objects To Group

Objects such as stream changers and televisions must be deeded to the land group in order to operate.
Check that any item you deed has the Transfer option if you want to take it back at any point.  Without the transfer option, the item will delete instead of coming back to you inventory.
To reclaim a group deeded item, you must Return it, you cannot just take it, because once deeded it no longer belongs to you, it belongs to the group.   See this page for help

Some Notes About Private Land in London City

Please do not use any security orb devices, they are not needed, you can control security and access to your parcel in the "About Land" setting.
All parcels are set to privacy mode to prevent people seeing you and your guests on your land.
By default, initially your land is set to public access.  Turn this to private to prevent unauthorised visitors and add your friends to your allowed list - or - you can keep this as public, but choose to only allow visitors with Payment Info on file.  This will cut down on troll and alt visitors significantly and is usually a very good intermediate security setting.

These parcels are for your home.  They are Private, non-commercial rentals. Please build/rez on the ground and your building should be in keeping with the theme.  Please build/rez within your parcel boundaries. No Skyscrapers. No Breedables or farms.

Be nice to your neighbours!

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