Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inexplicable Happenings in Soho

Reports of inexplicable happenings, are beginning to emerge from the Mainland London Soho district in Second Life.

Each year, people flock to the area in the hopes of seeing the spectres from 1677, of Landlord Joseph Girle having an itense disagreement with shop keeper Richard Frith about an unreasonable rent increase.

This historic row took place at the top of a spiral staircase in Brewer Street, London Soho and resulted in Frith falling to his death having either sufferering from a heart attack, or from being pushed.

This macarbre scene is witnessed about every ten years and has been since it happened in 1677. It was last documented 12 years ago and is now overdue.

This blurry image of a possible apparition outside 10 Brewer Street in Mainland London Soho was sent to us by an anonymous source.

This could just be a cloud of polution. Or is it possible that Girle and Frith are getting ready to reenact this scene once again as the nation braces itself against another halloween.

Keep an eye on this area. All is not as it seems. The locals seem spooked and tight lipped. Perhaps they know more than they are willing to say.

Please continue to send your photographs. We will publish them and let the readers decide.

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